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Back from the Grave

Dink explores the Forest of the Ancients Dink unleashes the hidden Meteor Storm spell!
Dink dies, only with style.

*Best download of may 2001*
Released:June 27th, 2001
File Size:2.39 MB
Release Notes:Demo v1.11
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April 24th, 2006
Demo v1.11
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him India
I stumbled on this D-Mod when I was searching for some good D-Mods which I haven't played. This is one of the best D-Mods which I have played. Striket obviously has put a lot of effort into this one.

Graphics: The map is very well done with nice new look. Each screen is well decorated with plenty of sprites which looks a lot different from many other D-Mods. The Forest of the Ancients is exceptionally well made. The new Dink looks great.

Gameplay: The gameplay is balanced,neither too difficult nor too easy with plenty of action, I never get bored and the cutscenes though long did not affect the gameplay. It contained a lot of humour and the midis matched perfectly with the atmosphere. I was really disappointed that this was not a full game and only a demo.Sigh*

Story: The story was good, dink returning form the dead was a nice idea but sontimes I got confused what was happening in the story but always understood it in the end.

Overall: 9.4
It is a very good D-Mod and anyone who likes Dink should play this Dmod.

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