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Greetings, fellow Dinkers. I hail from Canada and I love Dink! I sure wish there were games like this when I was a teen - remember Pong? I just discovered Dink about a year ago, I'm hooked . . . and I really do have hair that's as long as my icon's. Oh, and I just had my picture added to the Dink Squad.

I am more than happy to proofread D-Mod dialogue for grammar and spelling errors, or to offer any writing assistance. I have a B.Sc. with a minor in English from the U. of Toronto, I've worked as a newspaper reporter and technical writer and editor, and am currently employed as an editor. If you'd like help with something PM or email me and I'll help you out with whatever I can.

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2003-09-22 17:46:07
These replies have made for some very interesting reading.

As for my name, Neith is actually an ancient Egyptian goddess. Depending on the source, she was a goddess of the hunt and a goddess of war. She was also a protector of the dead and a guide in the underworld, like a female Anubis. I thought she was a cool goddess.

To my knowledge, though I've seen differing reports, her name, while appearing to rhyme with "Keith", is actually pronounced "night". I then tacked on "skye", creating "night sky", because I love astromony and can often be found with my eye in my telescope.

As you can see, I like to attach meaning when I name things. I can be such a dork sometimes.

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