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For v2.01; if you dont want to fight then dont. For v2.01; Sometimes we need to warp For v2.01; I need double speed in boring dmods
This cheat can: raise stats(hitpoints, strength, magic, defense); restore hitpoints; kill all enemies on the screen; unlock the screen; warp to a different screen or different spot on the screen; make dink "fly"(walk over low hardness); increase gold amount

*Best Miscellaneous file of 2000*

*Best download of march 2002*
Released:July 12th, 2002
File Size:38.06 KB
Release Notes:I strongly recommend treating it as a separate product from Ultimate Cheat 2.01 rather than as an upgrade to it. Its new features are intended to be of use mostly to dmod authors during development and testing. Players may find some of the new features overwhelming, though other features may soon find their way back into a version 2.1 depending on feedback and other factors.

The big problem with version 3.0 is that it does not always work, especially in larger dmods. Our current working theory is that this is due to its being a much larger script, though the evidence is contradictory.

So to make a long story short, anyone using 3.0 still needs access to 2.01, for those times when 3.0 is overkill or the dink engine will not support it.
January 4th, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant She/Her
Purpose: This file lets you not only cheat, but gives also real useful information.

Installation: Copy the key-67.d or key-67.c file in the main dink story folder or in the story folder of the D-mod you want to use cheat in.

Use: Press C while playing and a popup appears with several options.

Good: Easy to install. You have a lot of possibilities. You can raise attack, defense, magic, lifemax, restore lifemax, kill all enemies on screen, unlock the screen, add or remove gold, make Dink walk over low hardness, save at any time, and change speed to fast or very fast.
You can also warp to a different screen or a different spot on the same screen. When you want to warp to a location on the same screen, you will see a yellow sparkle: just move it to where ever you want to go and press enter. When you want to warp to a different screen, you can change the number of the screen.
You can also set beacons so you can store a location in the game and later return to that beacon. The xy co-ordinates where Dink is standing will be the co-ordinates for the beacon.
You can also change the keys you are using by renaming the key-67.c or key-67.d file
The ‘show information screen’ is handy, since it gives you the number of the current screen, the x and y co-ordinates, the current vision, magic, weapons and speed, and the number of scripts used. That could also be useful when you are testing your own D-mod.

Not so good: The game crashed when using the ‘kill all enemies’ option (both on the fireball and the large explosion). Sometimes the game freezes after you return to windows and then back to the game.

Overall: Indeed ultimate cheat. And a lot of information too. A shame about those bugs.

Fit for: If you do not use the options that causes a game crash, this is a good download.