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Peasant They/Them
I'm Ted Shutes, a veteran mainframe computer programmer (yeah, COBOL, groan, among about a dozen others) who doesn't have time for Dink but I'm addicted. It's the challenge of DinkC, I guess.

Ted Shutes passed away on October 11, 2006. He was 56 years old.

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2003-04-01 17:12:22
Peasant They/Them
I'm sorry I haven't been involved in Dink stuff very much lately, too many things going on. So I just about fell off my chair when Tyrsis told me the news about this DOTM! Thanks to everyone who voted, I can assure you that I was not expecting any acclaim from these trinkets. In fact, I was wondering if anyone had even looked at them. I guess now I know!

BigTed has released 9 files

Birth of an Empire Bug FixMiscellaneous, Add-OnExceptional 9.0December 20th, 2013
Pilgrim's Quest CheatAdd-On, CheatExceptional 9.9December 14th, 2011
DinkC ReferenceDevelopment, TutorialGood 8.5February 19th, 2003
Ted's Tools and ToysDevelopment, Miscellaneous, UtilityExceptional 9.2February 19th, 2003
Ultimate CheatMiscellaneous, CheatExceptional 9.5July 12th, 2002
Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin ModificationMiscellaneous, Add-OnExceptional 9.6April 11th, 2002
9 Gems of Life Part 2 ModificationMiscellaneous, Add-OnN/AApril 11th, 2002
Legend of the DuckD-Mod, RompFair 5.7January 31st, 2002
Friends Beyond 2 RewriteMiscellaneous, Add-OnN/ADecember 21st, 2001