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Peasant They/Them
I'm Ted Shutes, a veteran mainframe computer programmer (yeah, COBOL, groan, among about a dozen others) who doesn't have time for Dink but I'm addicted. It's the challenge of DinkC, I guess.

Ted Shutes passed away on October 11, 2006. He was 56 years old.

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2002-07-18 05:00:30
Peasant They/Them
: : ok, why is it that when i try to edit the main dink game, the sprites (as in ppl) do not show up in the editor?? everything else does, ive tried changing vision numbers, but nothing happens..

: : also, with visions, can somneone plz explain?? is it true that if an object is in vision 0, it will still appear when the vision is 1?? i think it must, otherwise you'd have to add things every time for every vision there was....

: : ]

: in stores, the people are made by a script, in the bar in terris too. You should check the scripts assigned to other sprites and check if the room has a sprite, simple, hold I

: : hmmm...

My problem with this has alwaysbeen that editor_type() is not zero(0). This isn't even supposed to be possible in DinkEdit, it's a bug. I have had good luck with two alternative kludge workarounds: (1) re-create the sprite in DinkEdit, then delete the old version (so I get a new editor number); or (2) change editor_type() in a base script. It is not even necessary to do a wait(1) in the base script to wait for the screen to be drawn, because editor_type() uses DinkEdit sprite numbers, not Dink sprite numbers.

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