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Pilgrim's Quest Cheat

Pilgrim's Quest Cheat 1.0 by Rich McGrew is a modified version of Ultimate Cheat 3.1 by Gary Hertel, Guy Shutes, and Paul Pliska with the following enhancements specifically designed for Simon Klaebe's Pilgrim's Quest DMOD (tested and working on the latest Pilgrim's Quest, version 1.41):

* the taxman leaves you alone, so you can cheat freely without punishment
* you can edit your Agility, Honour, and Luck stats just like all the others
* the fireballs from the cheat that burn everything can burn down snowy trees

By default, the main file of the cheat is key-68.c, activated by pressing the "D" key. You can rename that file to change which key activates the cheat if you want to.

To install Pilgrim's Quest Cheat 1.0: First install Dink Smallwood, then install the Pilgrim's Quest DMOD (it goes to the "pq" subdirectory of your Dink Smallwood directory), and finally extract these files into the "pq\story" subdirectory of your Dink Smallwood directory. Then play Pilgrim's Quest and you can use the cheat by pressing "D".

This cheat is specifically designed for the Pilgrim's Quest DMOD and is not for use with any other DMODs. All of the enhancements made to it are specifically designed to work with the Pilgrim's Quest DMOD. For other DMODs, just use the regular Ultimate Cheat 3.1 by Gary Hertel, Guy Shutes, and Paul Pliska and NOT this. For Pilgrim's Quest, use this cheat because the Ultimate Cheat won't entirely work (with the Ultimate Cheat, the taxman will catch you if you cheat, you can't edit Agility, Honour, or Luck, and the cheat's fireballs don't affect snowy trees).

- Rich McGrew
Released:December 14th, 2011
File Size:25.46 KB
Release Notes:Changes since version 1.0 (not that many, but I had to release a new version because the last one had a bug):
* Minor bug of the cheat's medium fireball not destroying very snowy trees fixed.
* Order of variables in variable editor more logical (the 6 character stats of this DMOD are all in a row at the beginning now, before max HP, current HP, gold, and 'story' variable).
* Various minor things (script's info screen and comments in each DinkC file identify it as Pilgrim's Quest Cheat 1.1, and README.TXT file now has a list of included files).

If you have questions, please consult the README.TXT file to see if they are answered there. If they are not, post a new topic in the file discussion about this file here on the Dink Network.

- Rich McGrew
November 12th, 2012
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant They/Them United States
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Well, what can I say? It does what it advertises in that it allows you to cheat in Pilgrim's Quest - which is something you're not able to do with other cheats available. And, well.. that's all it does.

It's rather simple to install - first you download the cheat, then you open your DFArc and select Dink Smallwood. After that go to the top of the DFArc and select edit, and then Browse Selected D-Mod Directory. Click the folder that says "dink" and then "story". Copy the scripts in the cheat zip, and paste it into the story file.

The GUI is the same as Ultimate Cheats, so I suppose you could have been a bit more original there, but I really couldn't care less what it looks like as long as it works.

There's not many differences from Ultimate Cheat, but the things I noticed were: Stat Raising is nerfed to 10 levels, rather than 50 - if you gave yourself coins, you will only get 1000 instead of 5000 - there is an ability to add beacons - you can add items.

The only bug that I found with the cheat was if you altered the speed of Dink and entered a screen with a savebot you would be reset to the normal speed.

Overall it's a great cheat - it does as advertises and even works in other D-Mods as well.
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