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My hobbies include killing ducks and burning down trees. I also enjoy long walks trying to figure out where I am supposed to go next to advance the story, complete a quest, or get another quest.

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2011-11-26 02:22:59
What is it with you people and wanting to have your silly emoticons? You happy now? Shmeesh!

Oh and dinkulum, thanks for the feedback . Sorry about long paragraphs, it is a bad habit of mine . You should see my blog! That was sarcasm. My blog is terrible, all the posts have ridiculously long paragraphs and I haven't posted anything to it in years, and it has nothing of any interest whatsoever. I can honestly say my blog is the worst blog on the entire Internet, and no, I am not providing a link to it, because it is THAT BAD .

I just discovered a way to install the S-YXG50 on Windows Vista and Windows 7. It tells how to do it here. It requires the VSTi MIDI Driver (this one is my newest discovery) and the Yamaha S-YXG50 VST, both of which are from mudlord's website. Oh, and the VSTi MIDI Driver, like the BASSMIDI Driver, includes a configuration utility that allows you to change Windows' default MIDI driver, including on Windows Vista and Windows 7, and you also need to use that utility to set the S-YXG50 VST as the VST you are using. Needless to say, this is the awesomest thing EVAR, at least if you are a fan of the Yamaha S-YXG50 like me and, like me, don't have enough long-term memory to remember anything MOAR awesome. Also, apparently the regular Yamaha S-YXG50 driver for Windows XP has some problems on multi-core CPUs, but this VST version of it works perfectly on any CPU, so this VSTi Driver method is necessary not just for Windows Vista and Windows 7 but also for anyone with a multi-core CPU. It is still Windows-only, but I think it works under Linux if you use Wine. But getting it to work on Mac OS X would be pretty tough, since getting Wine to work on Mac OS X is pretty tough.

In case that paragraph was too long for you , I figured out how to get the music to sound really awesome in Dink Smallwood using something called the "S-YXG50" and it works on almost any computer and all you need is this thing and this thing and if you don't use Windows you also need this thing.

I've done more testing on soundfonts and STILL can't find any that sound even REMOTELY as good as the Yamaha S-YXG50... half of 'em sound worse than the built-in Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth in Windows, and the ones that are better are only slightly better (for instance, Timidity++'s default soundfonts are slightly better than the Microsoft synth). Supposedly the "Weeds General MIDI SoundFont v3.0" is the best one according to some people, but personally I don't like the way it sounds on any of the MIDIs I tested (I tested it by setting it as my MIDI soundfont with the Timidity++ driver and then playing some DMODs that have good music, and also tried it out in Winamp on some MIDI files too). It's weird though, since a bunch of other people on the Internet seem to think it's the best soundfont EVAR so maybe this is just my personal taste, so I dunno, maybe you folks might like the sound of it, I prefer the Yamaha S-YXG50 myself, although technically the S-YXG50 isn't a soundfont but is way more advanced than what soundfonts are capable of (for instance it supports XG and not just General MIDI).

In case that paragraph was too long for you , soundfonts suck and the S-YXG50 rules .

Also, smileys are stoopid .

Also, I know I'm a n00b, but why isn't this forum moderated at all? ThePunisher keeps spamming this forum with bloody awful rubbish but doesn't get banned. What is this, USENET or something? In USENET it's technically impossible to ban anyone, but on a web forum, using the almighty banhammer for PWNage of trollz is easier than Dink Smallwood's mom after getting her drunk off all the booze at Ethel's place.

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