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2002-08-01 15:31:09
Peasant Male United States
I just had an idea for a file we should try and put together that would break two of the submition rules. It's his own fault though, it was his hard.dat rewrite that gave me the idea. Okay, what am I talking about?

I think we should have a "DMod Author's Toolkit", something we could point new d-mod authors to and say, "Just get that and you're in business." The two rules it breaks of course are "variation of skeleton (since that would be part of it) and "packs", but in this case I think it's work making an exception.

What exactly it should include I'm not sure though, a skelaton (including the new hard tiles) would certainly be the most important part but documentation would also be a big part. Improved dinkc.txt should be in there, perhaps a tutorial of some kind, and some script samples for common tasks. Can anyone think of any other "must have" author files? How about the dinkc editors, I learned without having them available and now don't find them useful, but are any of them good ennough that all new authors should have them? Any other ideas? Objections?

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