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Bloop the Fish

Shark Guy
Take control of Bloop the Fish as he battles a shark.
Released:January 22nd, 1999
File Size:182.43 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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January 7th, 2010
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant He/Him Sweden
Bloop the Fish is an early dmod, as Paul noted probably the first 'Alternative Hero'-dmod.
I really like this dmod, it had it's own style and was unique of it's kind when it was released.
And this is why:

The story isn't the dmods strong point. A shark is threatening the ocean and bloop the Fish is supposed to kill it. There is no intro, so the player is introduced to this story when talking with another fish. Obviously the dmod would be a lot better with a better story and a intro. There isn't a real ending either... and it would be fun to have more fishes to talk to.

Almost all graphics in this dmod are new. They are simple paint drawings, but what they lack in quality they earn in something else... charm? You know what they say: "Less is more". Finally I understand that expression. The graphics create an atmosphere.

There is no music!
A short catchy midi really would improve this dmod. Maybe 'Under The Sea'?

I really enjoyed playing this little dmod, as I said before, even though the gameplay is quite repetitive... It's screens filled with spiky under-watery things, which you kill with your deadly bubble blowing.

This dmod is quite underestimated, it's fun and a big step in dmod history. It could easily be updated and get much better, but it's still a dmod every Dinker should play.

I'll give it a well-deserved 6.0 points.

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