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Enemy Shoot Deluxe

This file version of en-shoot was based on the poison spitting boncas from Lyna's Story, but has been modified quite a bit. Now it's a knight that casts ice magic. But you can change it into anything you want with a few changes. The aiming calculaion is prety confusing, but if you've ever made a script for a normal enemy or a magic spell, you shouldn't have trouble with the parts you're concerned with.

*Best download of september 2002*
Released:September 18th, 2002
File Size:3.23 KB
Release Notes:v2.1
March 9th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Noble Male United Kingdom
A very nice file, this gives you a sample script for creating your own projectile firing enemies. This is especially good given the lack of ranged attacks from enemies in Dinks; Typically if you have a bow or a throwing axe you are nigh on invincible, but no more!

Boncas spit, Dragons breathe flame and stone giants launch rocks (these are all possibilities YOU could do... Paul hasn't done them for you!) as Dink runs for cover for the first time in his existence.

Excellent for enemy wiards casting spells too. So it's another exemplary piece of scripting from Paul, and this is a great resource for all d-mod authors.