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Enemy Shoot Deluxe

This file version of en-shoot was based on the poison spitting boncas from Lyna's Story, but has been modified quite a bit. Now it's a knight that casts ice magic. But you can change it into anything you want with a few changes. The aiming calculaion is prety confusing, but if you've ever made a script for a normal enemy or a magic spell, you shouldn't have trouble with the parts you're concerned with.

*Best download of september 2002*
Released:September 18th, 2002
File Size:3.23 KB
Release Notes:v2.1
August 21st, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
A little hard to understand at first, but perserve with it and it does do what it sets out. Which is create an enemy sprite that can shoot magic objects at Dink, (or another sprite)

I based the apprentice at the end of SOB story 2 on it and didn't run into the problems mentioned about (or at least I don't remember doing so)

What I did learn from this script was the value of the command set_callback_random();

There are comments to guide you, but this script is not for the complete novice. I am amazed at Paul's scripting, he is, as always, very good.