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Triangle Mover

From the COTPATD project.
The inspiration for this game come from an old freeware game I played once, I think it was called "Laser Lights". But lasers would be too hard to re-create in Dink, so you get balls instead. The goal is to direct the balls into target of the same color. This is mostly done be moving triangles (thus the name), which the balls can bounce off of.

*Best download of february 2004*

*Winner of Weird D-Mod Contest*
Released:February 8th, 2004
File Size:641.35 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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May 10th, 2004
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Australia
This is a challenging if slightly annoying at times weird DMOD. There are some really nice things being done here with the DinkC programming, yet some of the amazing stuff is tarnished by the music and sound effects.

30 levels of problem solving, and while this didn't work on my PIII laptop, it works fine on my new P4 2.8. - I had fun, sometimes, solving the problems, but the frustration level outweighed the fun overall.

Occassional the game frozen if the round ended with me holding a piece.

But like all problems solving types of things, it got under my skin and I had to finish. Level 29 had me stumped for a while (had to turn the sound of here, as the frustration level reached boiling point) and I felt triumph when I finally solved it, and then Level 30 was such a let down. I got the answer on my third attempt.

Strengths: many levels, generally well designed for what it is

Weaknesses: annoying music, and sound FX. Occassional frozen games, no time to assess the problem without having to solve it.

At some point I thought the NPCs might have some interaction... but not to be.

Overall 8.5
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