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2006-02-23 18:18:18
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It was a regular weekday for the bartender Joe , the same cacophony of grunts and snorks, the same goblin crowd, the same drinks which he had been serving for last 20 years . He had almost given up any hope of happiness or joy in his life. He had almost forgotten the fact that in distant past there was a period of time when he had his own family and was an active soldier in the tenth new kernsin regiment of the humans. The Goblins outbreak of AD 1367 was not a minor event in history. The fall of humans and elves, the rise and domination of the goblins and Dark goblins in just five years was a major change in the course of events of history.

Many soldiers who survived were thrown into acid dungeons and black jails. From there the best disciplined ones got jobs in stores and bars others spent their lives in the confinement. Joe was one of the best and hence got out of the jail after only two years of confinement. But the goblins, avoid any human resistance efforts did not allow the humans to meet one another.

Joe after so many years had learned to speak the local dialect grob which the goblins spoke but had almost forgotten English. It had been so many years that he had almost forgotten what a human face looks like. he had become so hopeless and worhtless that it was for long that he wanted to die but the protective spells everywhere wont allow him. Little did he know that all those years, a brave group of individuals were fighting to get near him........

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