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Sound FAQ

An FAQ detailing the various problems encountered in adding new sounds into D-Mods, as well as some tricks in doing so.
Released:February 1st, 2000
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Release Notes:v1.00
February 13th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
This FAQ, though old, is still probably the best source for answering questions about using new or edited wave files in d-mods.

Explains how to load new sounds into a d-mod.
Offers advice on the best sample rates to use.
Offers an interesting theory on implementing speech into a d-mod. Provides a few links to sites where one may download sound editors.

FAQ hasn't been updated for over two years!!
Doesn't explain every type of problem that can occur when loading in new sounds; for example, that "pop" that can happen at the beginning or end of a wave file being played from within Dink.

A good resource for beginning d-mod authors who wish to add new sounds to their d-mods, but have no idea how to go about doing it.