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Beyond the Galaxy Intro

The intro to Jamie's upcoming D-Mod Beyond the Galaxy.
Released:July 6th, 2002
File Size:497.97 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
July 7th, 2002
Score : 3.0 tolerable
This is the introductory movie of Jamie's upcoming dmod Beyond the Galaxy.

The basic idea of this dmod could be a good one if proper new graphics can be used. Dink was abducted by the more powerful brother of the evil wizard who was defeated by Dink.

However the only good thing for this dmod is the basic idea of the complete game. To me a good trailor needs to at least give people some eye-popping graphics, excellent execution, and nice music. In short, it should be able to tease people into wanting to play the game. There are a few great intro movies out there (including the intro movies of released dmods), but this one fell far short from them.

There are basically only 2 screens. No real action at all. Using the mysterious "death" (that Dink met before facing Seth from the original Dink game) to do the narrator job is simply rediculous! I guess he is just a servant type of character. Because Dink killed Seth, he becomes Dink's worshiper... just bizzard. And the toilet joke is not that funny at all. Then there is still no action showing how Dink defeated the evil wizard, and all you cann see is a strange "GORY MATERIAL" sign to show up. And then all screens fade down and a few more words. That's it!

3 midi's if you count the title music as well. The music is basically OK I believe. I am not sure if they were from jamie's midi pack, but overall I don't like them. In fact I can't even listen to 2 of the 3 midis more than 30 seconds. But that might be just my own taste. A good midi should fit the overall theme of the game; however, there is no action what so ever in this intro, you cannot say if they are suitable or not.

Apparently jamie used his Spare tile in this intro, too. Although people reviewing his Spare Tile pointed out that his tile is in 24-bit format, Jamie still used the 24-bit tile which takes about 3 times as large hard drive space as the correct 256-color! In addition to this, it shows that the tiles do not look good when other Dink's graphics images are on them. You can argue that the mysterie on a weird swirl tile looks OK. Originally I thought the marble floor is one of the few that can be used with Dink graphics files. I guess I was wrong. Those pillars standing on the sides of the screen just do not match the marble floor. It simply looks bad.

Only new graphics are the title and the strange "notice" that I mentioned earlier. Compared with the quality of the tile, they are not good. And I don't understand the good of the new splash.bmp and esplash.bmp. They are basically black! And each took up 300+KB of your hard drive space!! I just don't get it.

In conclusion, a good intro that is worth a look before the main game comes out should either have amazing new graphics to show (like Silencer's BTS or redink1's FIAT v.0.99) or have some dramatic actions with interesting story-telling (like SimonK's SOB v.2).

So if you want to see what Jamie is doing, then you can download this, but I doubt you would let them stay in your computer afterwards. Sorry Jamie, I might or might not understand why you mention my name in your credit, but you can certainly do much better than this!
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