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2003-04-27 11:52:05
Ehem... over the past few months The Dink Network has been becoming more and more of a popular Network for RPG Gaming fans. The game has become more widely known and slowly more and more D-MODS (The Dink Smallwood Addon Quests and Adventures) are being released, some at a very high quality. Every time somebody releases a file to the Dink Network, they are doing it in aid of the community, to keep it alive, to let the Network live on.

Recently, due to the Dink Network's sucess, many new Dinkers have joined the Network and come to The Dink Network on a regular basis. This is absolutely outstanding and great to see how well Dink is coming along and how the Network is developing.

There are however, some small problems that over time will cause something "O.T.T" to happen. I'm talking about 'Network Nubness', the happenings that are caused when a new member thinks he knows best, there are of course other reasons but let's focus on this.

Let's say you still haven't a clue what I'm talking about. Well let me give you an example. Let us, for the sake of heaven and earth bring a fake member, under the alias "Higgy" into the Network. (No we're not doing this, it's an example of explanation). "Higgy" downloads Dink, is amazed as usual and decides to try and write his own D-MOD. He doesn't get too far so he goes on the board for some help...


"Higgy - I've played the game and completed it and it's amazing and all that and now I'm trying to write my own game and I've got stuck. Could anyone lend a hand?"


Which is a perfectly acceptable post. So then a member, say it's Redink replies with a


"Redink - It'd help if you told us what you need"


Once again, a perfectly acceptable post. But then, our fake member Higgy goes and says...


"Higgy - Ex-c-USE me!! Sorry for being so RUDE mr WISE GUY. I only needed some HELP! And THIS is what I get! WELL I've played Dink since 1999! ( Lies ) and I happen to be a great Dinker! I WONT ask for help next time!


Which is, blatently obvious that this guy is a completly new member giving the facts that he's broken some Network regulations and hasn't posted before.

This is only an example of Network Nubness but many people are getting more and more irratating every post they make. You might just think I'm here posting poop so if it's that case then


Now to finish this post on a rather blunt note as it's Blatently (I love that word) getting too long.

Noobs. Before you post check STAFF and think about what you're posting. Be kind, we're a friendly community, we'll want to keep it that way


- imacrazyguy/IceMan/Morpheus

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