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2002-09-22 02:54:39
: : I've started a D-MOD with SabreTrout, it's set in the Wild Wild West in the town of Riona. The game is called "The Western Wolf" and is centered around a lone wolf good guy, stopping the town of Riona from any threat by the "Bunton Bandits". Here's the storyline from the DMOD.DIZ file, and this will also be useful to Sabre coz he wanted to know this stuff...

: Whe did I ask to read that stuff? And really, I haven't done anything whatsoever on this d-mod, only you have. And I can't do much work for a long tmie, because of other projects.


: : --------

: : 'Howdy partner! Ye' old legend Bill Brocks used to live right 'ere in Riona. The richest town in the west! When it came under threat by a group o' bandits going 'bah the name of 'The Bunton Bandits'. What yah' got 'ere is a group o' bandits comin' from a town right down the other side o' the Wild West. They're all led by a certain guy going by the name of "Jack Robson" and I tell you, he's bad s**t. There's 'bout a hundred o' these bandits and I tell yah' they weren't easy to beat. But what ya' got 'ere is the story o' what happened...'

: err....ohh good....

: : Like it or hate it, that is the storyline of "The Western Wolf" and it's gonna' be good! If you're wondering about SPIKE - The End of The Beginning, well SimonK is doing a new SPIKE model for the game, but he's not going to start it until AFTER Pilgrim's Quest is released, so I'm going to stop SPIKE until then and work on "The Western Wolf" like fire!

: I'll do some work on TWW (I'm still not very happy with that name) when you get some graphics. Which even if it does happen, will take ages...

Ok then DN! The project needs you! Little competition then. Get a name for the D-MOD! I've gave you the storyline, we need a catchy name that's short and resembles the wild west and a lone ranger and stuff! YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED! Go get a name!

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