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Basically what this collection is, is a customized set of cursors for use in Dink and DinkEdit. You know the little blue arrow in Dink? Want to change it to something cool? Getting a bit bored of the standard one? This is your solution, with ten customized cursors that I've made you have a large choice.
Released:August 19th, 2002
File Size:10.04 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
January 26th, 2003
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female
I disagree with the other reviewers. Most of the graphics are good. True, they are not as good as other graphics, but then again, the graphics have to be very small to serve their purpose and therefore you can not have very complicated graphics. And there are people who do not know how to make new graphics or who simply can not draw, not even in Paint, and not even the most simple graphic. For those people these graphics are fine.
And the comment that the cursor plays no part in the D-mod is true, but you have always got the start screen and when your D-mod is, for example, about finding moonstones and the title is Rising Moon, the crescent moon cursor will add a nice touch in the start screen.

Purpose: To have another cursor in the editor and in the start screen of any D-mod.

Installation: Choose the cursor you want, change the name into S08 and copy it to the dink smallwood/dink/tiles directory.

Good: This is a very nice idea. The blue cursor is indeed a bit old, although everybody is used to it. I tested it in the editor and it works al right. The nice thing about this file is that you can add a special touch to your D-mod by using one of those cursors.

CCC1 is a red cross with a square. As a cursor in the editor is it less suitable, but for a D-mod it will do al right.
CCC2 is an arrow facing north. It is very good visible, and will do fine in both the editor and a D-mod.
CCC3 is Dink’s head. CCC7 is also Dink’s head. They look very funny, but it will not work as a cursor in the editor. In a D-mod it will do fine though.
CCC4 is some sort of insect, perhaps a spider. It is not good visible and therefore not useable in the editor. In a D-mod it will not work that good either.
CCC5 is a green pencil. CCC6 is the same graphic, but then in red. Both are very clear graphics and they work fine in the editor. In a D-mod it is not such a good idea, unless you are making a D-mod that features a pencil.
CCC8 is a crescent moon in red en blue. This one is very nicely done. It will not work that good in the editor since it is a bit too big for that, but it will do very fine in a D-mod.
CCC9 is a pink circle. This one looks fine but is not that interesting. It will not work that well in the editor, but for a D-mod it is a nice one.
CCC10 is a yellow square with red lines. It looks very sharp, but will not do very well in the editor due to its size. In a D-mod it adds a nice touch though.

Not so good: The author states in the readme.txt:
'4 - Place the new SO8 bitmap in that directory
5 - Deleting the old one should happen automatically, if not then delete the old S08'
But deleting the old S08 is really not a good idea. It could well be that you want the old cursor back, so moving that one to another directory is a better option.

Overall: A very nice file indeed, which deserves more more credit then it gets now. I never realised you can actually change the cursor in the start screen of a D-mod until I downloaded this file. Using another cursor then the old one will add a nice touch to any D-mod.

Remark: Although some cursors could be better, the idea to this file is very good. I rate the graphics itself a 7 and the idea a 9.

Fit for: If you want to change the cursor in the editor or in the start screen of a D-mod.