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2002-09-03 23:28:44
: : : -It should be finished before 11/01/2002, its month/day/year

: : sorry gujys, another rant..

: : why do p[eople order things month/day/year?? to me, there are 2 logical ways to do it:

: : dd/mm/yyyy (NORMAL way, right?)

: : yyyy-mm-dd (the wat MySQL does it. it's good because you can sort it numerically, and it all works, see?? year first, then month.. then day..)

: : 9th of november?? what happened then>>

: : really...jeez...

: That's the correct american way to write dates..

: And Tullisti, don't call me pathetic, like you did in that other thread. I don't want dumb and useless threads, I don't want (big fights, I want peace and quiet (but not that much) like everyone else.. So I *try* no to let things go out of hand..

: But comments like 'YOU ARE PATHETIC' are just unneccesary and do not help, get it?

I just get p**sed off when people argue over something so simple and small!! at least argue over something decent, and worthwhile!!

And i wasn't calling YOU pathetic, just your post. sorry bout that

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