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August 20th, 2002
Score : 2.0 horrible
OK, I'll try to keep this short and honest. IMHO, the idea of creating customised mouse pointers is a good one. Unfortunately, the quality of this pointer pack is lacking a little. Out of teh 10 pointers you get, only 3 are really usable. The rest seem to be funny little symbols, or heads...hmmm...

The graphics aren't that good ether. I mean, it really looks like this is something the author whipped up in their spare time, and didn't really take a lot of time over. (even _I_ could do better i think).

I also find the idea more than a little disturbing... I mean, why create a ully blown pack, for a file which anyone who has used pain before can make in like 30 seconds? and besides, you only ever use teh mouse for like 30 seconds at teh start of most dmods anyway, so i really don't think that this pack is needed at all, but there you go.

Since teh reveiwing system has been changed, i would have expected files such as these not to be released any more, but there you go, so be it.

2.0, simply because there is no point, they are poorly done, and there is no point...yeah....theres no point..and they are poorly done...hmmm...yep. 2.0