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Alternative Heroes

Glenn - an example of an alternative hero.
SabreTrout says, "This file includes the original documents (revised with additions) on Alternative heroes, it also has another new document, which goes into new items and spells for Alt heroes. It also has an example hero (Glenn the Green Knight/Forest Protector)."
Released:August 28th, 2002
File Size:250.77 KB
Release Notes:v2.0
August 29th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant She/Her
In this file the author brings up several ideas about how and when to use alternative heroes.

In my first review (of v.15) I did not like this file very much. I especially did not like the idea of a file about ideas.
But when I read this new version, I realised that I liked this file.
The main reason I had for not finding it necessary to write a file about ideas, was that you stand the change that others had those ideas too and, when they would release a D-mod with those ideas, it could be confusing who’s idea it was in the first place (although I know the author would never mind when someone else would use his ideas: on the contrary, by releasing such a file you hope that others will use your ideas!). I realised that every D-mod, file and so on, is loaded with ideas: ideas other can copy or ideas that will lead to more, other and new ideas. And therefore I came to the conclusion that writing about ideas is not very much different then releasing a D-mod that bursts with ideas. So I definitely altered my opinion.

File quests (Alternative Heroes: Your Hero): Although this file is about alternative heroes, you can easily use the ideas for any D-mod, especially the ideas for quests.

File altheroes (Alternative Heroes): This file gives ideas about using an alternative hero, but this can also be used in a D-Mod in which Dink is the hero and you need some inspiration on what enemy you are going to use. If you are not good in graphics, using a knight, goblin or wizard for the bad guy is not a bad idea at all.

File items: This file is about creating new items and spells, but the author gives some other ideas too which may work nicely in any D-mod.

Alternative Hero Example: This is a D-mod-example that shows how an alternative hero and a new spell can do the job. It is a shame that the author could not get the new item to work and had to use an old graphic.

Good: The ideas of course, but also the fact that there are parts in it that could be handy for newbies, but also things that might interest the more advanced scripter.

Not so good: This file could be improved by making it into one file, instead of several different documents.
If someone with little or no experience in scripting tries to create a D-mod with an alternative hero, he might get stuck on the scripting, since this is not thoroughly explained. And the advanced scripter might have had all the ideas that the author brings up.
Although there are scripts added for alternative heroes, these heroes, when pushing or hitting, change into Dink.

Overall: This file is a not only a file about alternative heroes, but also a file full of ideas everybody can use in a D-mod.

Fit for: If you want to make a D-mod, but you lack inspiration, you stand a fair change that you will find some ideas in this file. And if you do have plenty of ideas this file could be useful too, if only to see what ideas somebody else has.