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Peasant Male Belgium
I live in Belgium, I've been involved in the Dink Community for a very long time and I've been downloading d-mods from the start.

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2011-08-02 05:01:27
Peasant Male Belgium
Forget about solution A that Someone provided, not gonna happen

I also read the FAQ and other information on the university site. I think they do imply that it could lead to a cure and not just delaying the inevitable, but they need to go to Phase 2 of their research (more controlled human testing in particular cases) which does require the assistance of hospitals around the world. These doctors/hospitals are usually very hesitant to have their patients be test subjects because it's their career on the line. So, they'll trust rich companies more than university studies. That's because the doctors in a hospital, skilled as they may be, didn't study biochemistry or anything required to truly understand the workings of the diseases so whatever they administer in good faith is always a risk. And they'll be more willing to take that risk when a rich pharmaceutical company is backing the product.

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