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Legend of the Duck

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August 25th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant He/Him Belgium
Remember as you read this that it's the author's very FIRST d-mod/programming attempt.

When you start Legend of the Duck you are presented with a sober, but clean menu which offers the usual functions, nothing new here.
Click the start button and you'll be served with a short but original intro. You learn that the Legend of the Duck is actually a story Dink is going to tell to his cousins.
So, no Dink in the story you think? Wrong. The author came up with a smart move : the children imagine Dink as the hero of the story and so you CAN play as Dink.
After talking to a duck the goal of the d-mod already becomes clear. Though not very original, it didn't bother me throughout the game.
After exploring some time it becomes clear that the author put a lot of effort in the decoration of the area, which is quite comfortable to play in.
The overall difficulty of the game is soon set : easy. However, the boss battles do require some attack-retreat skills. You can of course always use your magic to attack it from a distance, a strategy I decided to use.
Though there aren't many new graphics, the ones that are present such as coloured pillbugs and a self-drawn pearl are of a decent quality. Don't expect any SoB graphics though.
The music consists of only 12 midis, some from the original Dink though. Luckily the music doesn't become boring after a while.
The same can not be said about the sound effects unfortunately. There isn't a single new .wav file present and there are some events in the game that would do better with a sound effect attached, but that's a detail.
The quests Dink has to undertake are not very farfetched, but the side story is well developed. It's a pity that most of the quests are from the sort : I need this-get it there-bring it back or use it here.
It took me 2,45 hours to complete this rather small d-mod, although I believe it can be done much faster.

So what to conclude? The Legend of the Duck is a good d-mod, suited best for playing in between bigger d-mods or if you are in the mood for something not too complicated but amusing none the less.

Score :

Story : 8/10

Sound : 7.5/10

New stuff : 6/10

Size : 7/10

Fun Factor : 8,5/10

Difficulty : Easy-Medium

Overall (not necessarily an average) : 8/10