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Revenge of the Ducks

Ya Ya Ya I will sooner or later
December 6th, 2001
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant He/Him Belgium
Revenge of the Ducks 1

When you run the d-mod you are immediately served with a sober menu and the normal options to choose from.
Afterwards, after clicking the start game button, a small intro starts, explaining the simple objectives of the d-mod. Normally I wouldn't say too much about the story but in this case I have no other choice than to fill you in on the complete storyline.
It seems that a hunter is killing all the ducks in the vicinity and when one of the duck's mother is killed, the counsil of ducks decides to act. They call upon the aid of Ronan the duck. A simple, weak, yet determined duck who's willing to accept his destiny as the hunterslayer. This is where the player starts his adventure.
Since you don't play as Dink in this d-mod but as the aclaimed duck Ronan, no additional weapons or spells have been created and you start out with no weapon at all (although the fist is equiped but for no reason). After a minute you'll receive your first and only spell.
In theory you can now fight the hunter and finish the game but it will turn out to be impossible to fight this evil man in your current state. Therefor, JVeenhof has put in a tiny secret, allowing you to boost your stats just enough to win. It will still prove to be quite an ordeal though and some strategy and use of the surroundings will be necessary to defeat the Hunter. I didn't find any bugs or abnormalities in this part but of course this game doesn't reach any high grounds due to its small size and limited options. But then again, it WAS only meant to be a small d-mod so people had at least one to play.

Story : 4/10

Sound : 5/10

New Stuff : -

Fun Factor : 8

Size : Extremely small

Difficulty : Extremely difficult

Overall (not necessarily an average) : 6