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Revenge of the Ducks

Ya Ya Ya I will sooner or later
You are Ronan and you must save your people from the evil creature known as the Hunter!
Released:December 29th, 2000
File Size:81.89 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 22nd, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant She/Her
You are Ronan the Duck and you must kill the hunter.

Storyline: Very nice for such a small D-mod. The hunter kills lots of ducks and Ronan is chosen by the council of Ducks to defeat the hunter. In order to do that he first must undergo a test to prove his strengths, so as to get some more power so he can defeat the hunter.

Map and graphics: No new graphics, apart from the title screen, which are not that good. The map is quite empty.

Music: The music is good and sets the mood for this small adventure.

Good: There even is a secret in this game. The way the author solved the problem that ducks can not use weapons, is good. The intro movie is done real nice, and has some good humour in it. The rest of the D-mod has its fair share of humour too. It is fun to play a duck.

Not so good: The map seems a bit too big for this small adventure, since there is nothing to do in the open spaces. Once you have your new weapon, the gameplay is too easy; there are only two enemies to kill, and nothing else can be done. There are no hints given to indicate the secret area, but, then again, with the weapon it should not be very hard to figure that out.

Overall: A well worked out D-mod.

Fit for: If you want to play an easy and very small, yet entertaining D-mod.
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