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New Shores : The Maori

Kyle says, "We built this d-mod for an English school project. It revolves around the Maori population, but don't expect to learn that much from it."
Released:July 28th, 2002
File Size:281.34 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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October 1st, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant She/Her
This D-mod is created for a school project about the Maori people.

Storyline: This D-mod is about Dink finding his way home after he got shipwrecked on an island that is inhabited my Maori people. But it is not the usual adventure for Dink. Although you can fight it is not necessary, the aim is to learn something about the Maori people.

Map and graphics: The mapping is done very precise with many details, and the islands look great. The bird looks good too, although I thought it was a bird of paradise. At the beginning, the sequence of Dink dying is used reversed, which indeed gives the impression of someone whom has just washed ashore.

Music: The music sets the mood.

Good: The very idea to use a D-mod for a school project. Really good. The ending is very nice too; not your average end boss, but a very elegant solution.

Not so good: I would like to have learned more about the Maori people. Fewer monsters and more information would have been fine with me. Sometimes the game crashed after warping into a house. The caves did not add very much.

Remark: The D-mod is special, but the readme.txt too. To read about the difficulties the fellow pupils and the teacher of the authors had while playing this D-mod is somewhat amusing, since Dinkers are so used to playing D-mods – and other games - that we can not imagine (or remember) that a D-mod can be hard without having to fight any enemy. And the teacher screaming at the sight of a slayer - Dink Smallwood’s world sure is realistic!

Overall: A good D-mod in which you learn something too.

Fit for: Everybody who is interested in a D-mod that is one of its kind.
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