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New Shores : The Maori

Kyle says, "We built this d-mod for an English school project. It revolves around the Maori population, but don't expect to learn that much from it."
Released:July 28th, 2002
File Size:281.34 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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July 29th, 2002
Score : 8.4 good
I'm very surprised. After reading the Read Me, I thought this DMOD would be a bit of a let down...I was wrong. It has a fairly large map, and a good plot. With the exception of the dragons, all of the usual suspects are in Maori. You have to first find 4 artifacts on the first island, and remember what they tell you. On the second island that info comes in handy, as you now must collect 4 artifacts in order to access a cave. The cave is a very well done maze, not difficult, but well layed out. There is no end boss, but you must survive the creatures in the cave in order to reach the goal.

The game would have been better had you been made to explore the huts and lanscapes looking for the clues to the artifacts questions. This could have been done with books or conversation. It would have been interesting to learn of the Maori culture while playing. The learning feature would have been a huge plus and extended the playtime.

The difficulty level was very well balanced, you could see how creatures got easier to kill as you got stronger, not all dmod's seem to get that right.

The replayability is good, but like I said, a more extensive search for clues would have been fun. Too bad it was originally wasted on students and teachers who didn't care to learn about the game while learning about culture as well.

Overall, I'd say this is more than just a download to bridge the gap to the next major DMOD, it stands on its own as a worthy download.
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