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I'm 23 years old at the time of writing and I live in Belgium; I love playing video and computer games. My favorite genres are : RPG (Duh!), 3D shooter, action adventure.
I'm also very interested in creating games.

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2002-12-11 10:35:44
Peasant Male
: I tried fireball and acid rain ... then tried the bomb I was carrying. *LOL*

: Instead of my pointless questions, is there a walkthrough I could just use somewhere??

: : You may have tried a fireball or two on it, but they aren't just strong enough. You might want to try to look for something more efficient from the shops.

Of course there is.

But I don't think people mind you ask these things.

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New Shores : The MaoriD-Mod, RompGood 8.2July 28th, 2002
Legend's TaleD-Mod, DemoGood 7.8December 29th, 2000