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Alternative Heroes

Glenn - an example of an alternative hero.
June 17th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Belgium
This is a very useful file, really. It combines a source of ideas with the means of realising them.
All that is good about this can be read in Simon's review and all that is untrue can be found in Scratchers review. I'll deal with both of them :
- I also think some extra information about the possible scripting issues with punch disabling and some ini-editing should be included.
- I do not think it is so natural for a wizard to only have spells as a means to kill enemies. I mean, look at othe rgames that have wizards in them? Don't they have a staff or a wand or anything? Of course they do!
- A bonca as the main character has been done before (RotD 2 & 3), so no point in elaborating on that, a few examples are enough to get you started.

There is however one thing about this file that worries me. People should not be thinking some features in a d-mod that have been mentioned here are directly taken from this file. Therefore I find it rather dangerous releasing a bunch of "ideas" even though it comes with some script files. I'm sure Sabretrout would never think of publicly stating a feature from a d-mod has been implemented because of his file and an author should only include it in the credits if he wants to.

Overall I give this submission a 8.5/10, for its originality and for its help for beginners in the scripting language.
I sincerely hope there will be more submissions that touch one little aspect of editing. That way, by combining detailed guides to certain things, bigger "wholes" can be achieved.