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Alternative Heroes

Glenn - an example of an alternative hero.
August 29th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Female
In this file the author brings up several ideas about how and when to use alternative heroes.

In my first review (of v.15) I did not like this file very much. I especially did not like the idea of a file about ideas.
But when I read this new version, I realised that I liked this file.
The main reason I had for not finding it necessary to write a file about ideas, was that you stand the change that others had those ideas too and, when they would release a D-mod with those ideas, it could be confusing who’s idea it was in the first place (although I know the author would never mind when someone else would use his ideas: on the contrary, by releasing such a file you hope that others will use your ideas!). I realised that every D-mod, file and so on, is loaded with ideas: ideas other can copy or ideas that will lead to more, other and new ideas. And therefore I came to the conclusion that writing about ideas is not very much different then releasing a D-mod that bursts with ideas. So I definitely altered my opinion.

File quests (Alternative Heroes: Your Hero): Although this file is about alternative heroes, you can easily use the ideas for any D-mod, especially the ideas for quests.

File altheroes (Alternative Heroes): This file gives ideas about using an alternative hero, but this can also be used in a D-Mod in which Dink is the hero and you need some inspiration on what enemy you are going to use. If you are not good in graphics, using a knight, goblin or wizard for the bad guy is not a bad idea at all.

File items: This file is about creating new items and spells, but the author gives some other ideas too which may work nicely in any D-mod.

Alternative Hero Example: This is a D-mod-example that shows how an alternative hero and a new spell can do the job. It is a shame that the author could not get the new item to work and had to use an old graphic.

Good: The ideas of course, but also the fact that there are parts in it that could be handy for newbies, but also things that might interest the more advanced scripter.

Not so good: This file could be improved by making it into one file, instead of several different documents.
If someone with little or no experience in scripting tries to create a D-mod with an alternative hero, he might get stuck on the scripting, since this is not thoroughly explained. And the advanced scripter might have had all the ideas that the author brings up.
Although there are scripts added for alternative heroes, these heroes, when pushing or hitting, change into Dink.

Overall: This file is a not only a file about alternative heroes, but also a file full of ideas everybody can use in a D-mod.

Fit for: If you want to make a D-mod, but you lack inspiration, you stand a fair change that you will find some ideas in this file. And if you do have plenty of ideas this file could be useful too, if only to see what ideas somebody else has.
June 19th, 2002
Score : 2.0 horrible
Although I told the author that I wouldn't give this file my review, I felt like I should take some heat off the other reviewer since he is not the only one who thought this file is useless.

The file includes 3 parts: Main alt-heroes, quests, and some start-1.c. Both alt-heroes and quests come in with 2 types, MSWord and html, although I don't know why it's necessary. The altheroes file is the main file. It suggested that you can use other characters, such as goblin, wizard and knight, to be your main characters. Then the author revealed a few of his ideas for creating a dmod. Basically, that's it. The 4 start-1.c scripts are example for you to use as the start-1.c if you want to use other characters as your main characters.

Some of the ideas are fine, some of them are not original, or just plain bad. That's OK since everybody can have his own opinion, but the key problem about this file is IDEA! To me, this can be a very good topics for the Discussion or chat room section, but it is just horrible to be a released file. Despite the author said it won't be necessary to be mentioned if his ideas are used in a dmod released later on, it is unfair because other people might think otherwise, especially when the ideas were NOT copied/inspired by this file!

The 4 start-1.c scripts are almost identical except for the following 4 lines: //THIS WILL MAKE THE HERO A DUCK! sp_base_walk(1, 20); sp_base_idle(1, 20); sp_base_attack(1, 20);
But, for instance, you cannot use the same graphics for walk and attack unless you have both 1,3,7,9 and 2,4,6,8. And maybe it's better to use sp_base_idle(1, 0); instead of the same sequence as walk. Also, a push_active(0); should be included unless you create a new push graphics sequence.

I believed many Dinkers must play POTA, where Dink can change his form into a slime, a bonca, a goblin, and a stone giant. You can get the feelings about an alternative hero as well as know all you need to know from POTA's script source codes.

As the author claimed, this is not a tutorial file since it did not really tell you how to make a dmod with alternative heroes. The only thing left about this file is the idea, and to me, ideas shouldn't be released as a file.

Not because I am cruel, I can only give some points for the typing effort.
June 17th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male Belgium
This is a very useful file, really. It combines a source of ideas with the means of realising them.
All that is good about this can be read in Simon's review and all that is untrue can be found in Scratchers review. I'll deal with both of them :
- I also think some extra information about the possible scripting issues with punch disabling and some ini-editing should be included.
- I do not think it is so natural for a wizard to only have spells as a means to kill enemies. I mean, look at othe rgames that have wizards in them? Don't they have a staff or a wand or anything? Of course they do!
- A bonca as the main character has been done before (RotD 2 & 3), so no point in elaborating on that, a few examples are enough to get you started.

There is however one thing about this file that worries me. People should not be thinking some features in a d-mod that have been mentioned here are directly taken from this file. Therefore I find it rather dangerous releasing a bunch of "ideas" even though it comes with some script files. I'm sure Sabretrout would never think of publicly stating a feature from a d-mod has been implemented because of his file and an author should only include it in the credits if he wants to.

Overall I give this submission a 8.5/10, for its originality and for its help for beginners in the scripting language.
I sincerely hope there will be more submissions that touch one little aspect of editing. That way, by combining detailed guides to certain things, bigger "wholes" can be achieved.
December 10th, 2009
Score : 8.7 good
This is certainly a good file. You can copy the start-1.c into your dmod's story folder and you can turn your hero into a Duck, Bonca, and a blue knight and a Green knight (new graphics) and a sample dmod to go with it."Glenn the Forest protector". Not bad. Only bug was that when your character dies he turns into dink. Sp_base death was not included. Still it was nice
December 5th, 2004
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant Male Norway steam
GlennGlenn doesn't want a custom title. 
This this lets you choose another character instead of Dink. IT very usefull for they who want something different. My faveourite is Glenn The forest protector There is one bug in it. You see, Dink is the only Sprite that has the pushing sequence and when you try to push with on teh the alternative heroes, they turns out to Dink. But except for this file was amazing.
Score 9.4 it would be a 9.9 if that pushing bug werent there.
September 13th, 2004
Score : 7.6 good
I had trouble with the base attack and base walk of the knight and goblin heroes. When I started my game, I could walk like a knight, yes, but when I punched or pushed something, the knight reverted back to Dink. The same thing went for crawling in holes. You could put more graphics about that, SabreTrout, such as the fireball spell. You could kind of put in some fire on the axe like Dink.

Overall I think a 7.6 would be alright.
August 13th, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Alternative Heroes V1.5

To me, this is a really good file. It gives you plenty info to get you going. So far, I am half way through making a dmod. Anyway, the author of this file gives out some info on when you could use an alternative heroe. Also, it mostly gives info on how to make it work.

This file come in 3 parts. 1.Main alt-heroes,
2.quests and 3.some start-1.c. Alt-heroes and quests come in with 2 types, MSWord and html. That was a bit useful in some cases. The main file would have to be Alt-heroes, it said that you can use other characters, such as goblin, wizard or a knight, to be the main characters in your game. Also, I thought it was a nice touch to it, for the author put in some of his ideas.

Overall, I would say this was a great file. I would recommend this file to anyone who needs a bit of help. It some cool ideas.

June 25th, 2002
Score : 8.9 good
This is a great file. New dinkers who want to make dmods could use this file. But, for dinkers who made 2 dmods or more, this file is useless. But I still like it.

It is very good. Everything is explained.

The base_walk and such are not included.

Seems like a good file, but the base things are missing. To bad, 8.9
June 17th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
I dont know what to call this, a tutorial? no, its more of an example, of what is possable with the dink engine, and how you can do it.

Basically, this file explains how to create a dmod with an alternative hero/main figure. I personally think that learning by example and hands on practise beats book learning any day, so im liking this file alot! The scripts are easy to read, and everything is understandable.

This file is a MUST for anyone even thinking about creating a dmod of their own, with alternative main char. sprites. Sabretrout has compiled a usefull, succynct, and really cool file. good on ya!!

My only complaint is that some features have been left out, such as manipulating holes, etc. etc, but information on those topics can be ound elsewhere, so its not a big deal.
June 15th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Male Australia
This file is useful. It tells you how to change Dink's starting graphics and presents you with a view on using some of the other standard Dink graphics as the basis for a new main character.

The file got me thinking about doing such a DMOD - or using one of my graphics as a main character.

And the other point is that this file should probably be classified as miscellaneous rather than a tutorial. But that is not the author's fault.

What I felt was missing was a bit more detail about push (turning it off in the start file would be a good suggestion) dealing with crawling into holes (just have the screen fade down and then fade up like a standard warp).

Also a more comprehensive version should encompass using/creating your own sprites, but the author touched on this anyway.

So overall, I think 7.5 not bad for a rant.