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Shady Stranger

Reveal Sequences Summon Magic and Appear Action Sequences
October 3rd, 2011
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Belgium
The new Shady Stranger graphics by MsDink are nothing short of amazing. It's a whole new, fully playable character sprite that has a punch, cast, crawl and staff attack animation. As if that wasn't enough yet, it also comes with some other really useful animations, such as three different reveal sequences that reveal Dink, his mom or Milder beneath the robes. The storyline potential for this is enormous. There is also an "appear" sequence and a sequence for when Dink obtains the Fireball Magic. Both of these are functional and look nice.

The graphics pack actually includes some other goodies that you might not expect. There's some good snow blending tiles as well as a new lamppost, which sways a little. Really cool stuff.

But the best part about this whole package is the way all the graphics blend in with the art style of the original Dink. None of them look out of place and even the walk and attack animations feel like they fit into the original game.

Overall I would call this a flawless delivery!