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Quest for the Gems

From the COTPATD project.
Dink has to save the world from a wizard who has the nasty habit of stealing gems.
Released:May 3rd, 2005
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Release Notes:1.1
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May 1st, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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Ah, The Quest for the Gems. One of the first D-Mods I ever played. I decided to write a review for it, even though it's long time I played this one, and can't remember anything.

Story: An evil wizard is trying to take over the world by stealing gems from people to wake his master. King Danny notices problems with his gems not arriving and sends Dink to an adventure to find out what's happening.

This standard and boring plot is pretty good after all. Since Metatarasal has made some jokes on the fact that Dink has to fight an evil wizard AGAIN.

Map: The map is very well made, and goes on with other D-Mods' maps. All in all, there's nothing special about it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good. You have many villages/areas to go through and everyone of them have something different in them. I don't remember much goodies being anywhere. The 2nd village's cave was hidden pretty well, and it took me sometime to find it. The monsters and enemies are balanced good, but some of them are a little bit easy.
Also, you have to walk sometimes very long ways e.g: from 4th area back to the 1st one.

Good: Gameplay, Story, and I quess the map goes with it.

Bad: Sometimes you have to walk very long distances. Also, the enemies are sometimes a little too easy.

As well, I don't know what Metatarasal did wrong, but somewhere in the middle of the game, something goes wrong. When you stand still, Dink suddenly turns to other direction. This doesn't effect the gameplay, but it can get annoying.

If Metatarasal ever does another version, he should fix this glitch.

Overall: 9.0. A great quest that you definitely should download. I think it's one of the best D-Mods of all time, and ATLEAST one of the best Quests of all time.

Fit for: Anyone, anywhere, anytime!!
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