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2004-09-09 14:54:53
I'd say that potions isn't really the issue, though gameplay would be.

Basically I'd expect a game to be balanced so that I'd be able to beat the "normal" monsters wherever I am - whether it's a dungeon or elsewhere - with the experience I've gained getting there.

The average experience for a user at a certain point in the game should (IMHO) be based on beating all possible monsters on the way *once* + finding 100% of obviously placed level ups and about 50% of hidden level ups.
So roaming the country side would be expected, doing this two or three times to level up should not be necessary.

Furthermore I always consider having a savebot + a large heart on the screen before the "boss" a good idea. This way you:
1) know you've reached the boss and know to arm whichever weapon you feel most comfortable with fighting a boss (which may be different from the weapons you use fighting normal monsters)
2) have a fair chance health-wise

The boss should be of a strength that if you start with full health, you could beat him and have about 10-20% of health left at the end.
This again based on the expected health line of the average player (as described above).

I normally don't buy many health potions, though I do buy level ups if they are available.

I do like to be able to get a "heal" spell at some point in the game and don't consider this an unfair advantage as while you have the heal spell armed, you can't use any of the other magic spells, so that sort of balances the advantage out.

Hope this helps,

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