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Slimes VS Dink

The DMOD is just this, over and over. From the COTPATD project.
You must kill them all!!
Released:July 11th, 2004
File Size:200.62 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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July 14th, 2004
Score : 2.5 horrible
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
Thís is a bad dmod. Very bad. Our good friend MiloBones mentioned that the idea of this dmod is generally pretty cool. I do not share this opinion. Matter of taste, maybe, but when you look at the dmods in this style on this site, you'll come across... The Monsterhouse: didn't work well. Dinkzilla: didn't work well. Fighterz: hmmm, well, an average dmod at best, and the idea here has been fully accomplished gameplay wise, in mu opinion. This genre simply is boring. BAD IDEA.
However, one could make a pretty decent dmod out of this that would at least score around the 6. What to think of more variety in enemies than only slimers, and, better yet, new enemies? New graphics, sounds, music, a character selection as in Fighterz, nice scenery (this dmod has 0.0), and other neat ideas?
Well, this dmod has nothing of this all. Absolutely nothing. The game is basically walk from screen to screen, killing ónly slimers, and, worst of all, without ANY scenery whatsoever. Empty, boring, repeated, screenlocked screens. Full of slimers. And on the last screen a slimer which is somewhat bigger and has more hitpoints. AN ENDBOSS!!
Wow. Great.
Put shortly, this dmod has absolutely nothing to offer. Do not download this piece of crap.

GRAPHICS 1: No scenery, let alone any new or original stuff. Virtually non-existant.
SOUND 2: 2 midis if I remember right. Bad midis, if you must know.
GAMEPLAY 2: Okay, one good thing: no bugs. Not strange if you think there ís no gameplay to have bugs in in the first place. All you do is walk around killing. Booooooring.
LASTING APPEAL 3: Well, if you like fighting, you may play it some other time just for the heck of it. But, if you do, I must say you're a total retard. For me the game lasted about 7 minutes. Or something. I think. Who cares.

TOTAL: 2.5

Trust me, a 2,5 is a high score for such a horrid dmod. And I'm not even in a good mood. At times, I can't explain myself.