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One of the less appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. A screen form the D-Mod One of the more appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project.
Dink is brought to Apex by the Creator Gunter, to find the 6 golden eggs of Queen Ducklinda. He is helped along the Way to various Towns and Caverns such as Hebron, Bloom City, Grondal's Camp, Wilkes-boro, Kronstat, Castle Dunruff and finally To Gold City.

His Nemisis is the Evil One, Domar the Great, who has casted a spell into 5 blue birds and presented to the King. Young Lance became a puppet King for Domar, and is imprisoned at the Kingdom of Apex Castle Dunruff. He has stolen the Golden eggs 6 in all, and has casted a spell of infertility upon all creatures and peoples of the realm. His power are consummed in 6 Golden Rocks. So now Dink must find the Gold Rocks and give them to Gunter to crush them. Then Peace and Stability will reign for ever in the Kingdom of Apex.
Released:February 23rd, 2005
File Size:3.99 MB
Release Notes:v1.02
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July 14th, 2006
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant He/Him
Well this is my first review, though I have played many D-MOD's. So I guess I will go by the standard review format.

Dink Smallwood must find the 6 six golden eggs of Queen Dunklinda to free King Lance from an evil spell cast by the evil Domar. The stoyline was very nice and with it this D-MOD could evolve into a very good and exciting D-MOD.


The new graphics in this D-MOD were mostly 2-D characters who did not move at all. There were also lot's of graphics from other D-Mods (That is not bad) which enhanced the maps and gave the impression of Dink traveling to different lands where people had different cultures and the like. Their was also one thing that really bugged me, and that was the terrain didn't fit together nicely. One example is when you go down the pit in the cemetary you walk on grass, while hte walls are just a different tile. What I mean is there are no slopes to suggest they are underground walls.

Comment: The slime concept was very cool, where a purple slime breaks into 2 green slimes when you kill it, then a green slime breaks into 2 blue slimes who then die after that. But the thing is, the purple slimes come to be when you kill a white dragon? Sometimes also the purples would flash back and forth between a white dragon and purple slime. One more thing is that the slimes would some times turn invisible which was weird.


Didn't notice any new sounds, they are not really my strong points. So anyway there was no real complaints about the sounds.

Sounds: N/A

There were some random times when you would get stuck going onto a new screen and have to go back, but those were minor things. The major thing here is that Dink is way over-powered. I had 32 strength and a Clawsword by they time I got to Bloom Island (there I stopped playing) You just find way to many bonuses to make it a real challenge. I once sold the rock axe I bought at the area before, to a guy at Bloom Island for 10,000 when I only bought it for 600! I then sold it and bought a clawsword, and tried to buy another axe for 3000! (it didn't work though, as the option wasn't working) Also minor errors also hamper gameplay, such as the flamebow. It goes into the magic section of Dink's inverntory and when you equip it and press CTRL, all it shows is an animation of Dink loading and pulling back an arrow! No shots or anything! When you take off the bow, and put on a fireball spell it still shows Dink with the bow and you can press CTRL to play the "Shooting" animation.

Gameplay: 6.0

There are too many errors for this to be a version, and I think if worked on it could become a very promising D-mod.

Final Score: 5.0

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