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A screen form the D-Mod One of the more appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project. One of the less appealing screens from Apex. From the COTPATD project.
Dink is brought to Apex by the Creator Gunter, to find the 6 golden eggs of Queen Ducklinda. He is helped along the Way to various Towns and Caverns such as Hebron, Bloom City, Grondal's Camp, Wilkes-boro, Kronstat, Castle Dunruff and finally To Gold City.

His Nemisis is the Evil One, Domar the Great, who has casted a spell into 5 blue birds and presented to the King. Young Lance became a puppet King for Domar, and is imprisoned at the Kingdom of Apex Castle Dunruff. He has stolen the Golden eggs 6 in all, and has casted a spell of infertility upon all creatures and peoples of the realm. His power are consummed in 6 Golden Rocks. So now Dink must find the Gold Rocks and give them to Gunter to crush them. Then Peace and Stability will reign for ever in the Kingdom of Apex.
Released:February 23rd, 2005
File Size:3.99 MB
Release Notes:v1.02
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March 1st, 2005
Score : 4.9 tolerable
I have never given a review but felt that this is the one time I would like to give one.
Right from the start, I thought this was a great game with lots of things to do and many items to find.
I a trying to play the updated version of Apex but stopped playing when I was only in Bloom City, and am now waiting for another update, which is playable.
1) You get more items than are necessary. I already have 3 maps (all the same) and am only in Bloom City.
2) Nothing seem to make sense because even though you haven't talked to someone about a specific item, you still get what you should only get if you have talked about it.
3) There are so many spelling mistakes, it just is no fun reading the conversations.
4) When I go to the weapon shop in Bloom City and want to sell something, you actually get another axe... Very confusing.
5) I also find it frustrating that very often, the game freezes because I didn't use the exact path that I should have, to go to the next page, and then have to restart my computer because the game doesn't shut down...

All in all, this looks like a really great game but it's really not playable at the present stage.
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