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I am a 62 year old senior, who enjoys dink very much. I have created my first dmod on a old pent1 64 of ram memory, 3 megabyte hard drive
100 mhz. slow 56k modem because of connection
geting only 2400 cps or less with verizon dialup. hehehee
Hope to upgrade soon.
I have created a large d-mod called bishop's
quest or bquest for short. I think it is as good
as eternity by tyris our russian friend.
Well looking for beta testers. for this demo
I am releasing. been working on it since Feb. 2003. I am in lakeland, Fl. Not that great with scripting, but have used all the tuts. and have done the scripting by trial and error.
after making this large quest, I decided I wanted to make it a demo first. to get a positive review. then complete it or updated it first of 2004. So If you have the time to help as a beta tester I would deeply appreciate it.
I have put more interest in the story line.
then in battle. Which I think is a of interest.
This will be more or less rated G for everyone.
It is not a religious jont, but a good moral
story. Not that I am against PG or R rated stuff. Enough Said. Thanks Hance

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2005-02-20 06:12:14
Peasant Male
The wizard and the fireball area.
I tried everywhere possible to put hardness around that area of the fort and the penny grove. Where did you get in.
That is your warp spot to the next level.
As far as the hidden secret cave.
Where did it crash. Never crashed for me.
However their again I will check it out.
When was the last time your scandisk your computer and clean out your excess bytes.
Also how much memory do you have. I have only
64 ram on this old pen. II computer with a
3.5 gig hard-drive with win98SE and everything works fine. If it don't show up for me then how can I correct something that is working on this end? I am willing to do whatever it takes.
It your using xp I never tested the game on that system. It could be something that is
interfering with this game. Some adjustment of XP. Sorry guys I am at a bewilderment phase.
I did not expect so much errors that your finding here.
However I apologise for it. I just wanted to make a interesting and good looking D-Mod.
This Alpha thing. I am confused also.
In theory when Beta is complete it should be then a workable edition. I thought that all beta's became Alpha's.
Well Okay will try to look into these problems.

Have faith. I have not seen a review about this
D-mod. Please can you tell me if you like it.
Story, concept, and how would you rate it.


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ApexD-Mod, RompFair 5.3February 23rd, 2005
Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The HeroD-Mod, QuestFair 6.1September 25th, 2003

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