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Peasant He/Him
I am a 62 year old senior, who enjoys dink very much. I have created my first dmod on a old pent1 64 of ram memory, 3 megabyte hard drive
100 mhz. slow 56k modem because of connection
geting only 2400 cps or less with verizon dialup. hehehee
Hope to upgrade soon.
I have created a large d-mod called bishop's
quest or bquest for short. I think it is as good
as eternity by tyris our russian friend.
Well looking for beta testers. for this demo
I am releasing. been working on it since Feb. 2003. I am in lakeland, Fl. Not that great with scripting, but have used all the tuts. and have done the scripting by trial and error.
after making this large quest, I decided I wanted to make it a demo first. to get a positive review. then complete it or updated it first of 2004. So If you have the time to help as a beta tester I would deeply appreciate it.
I have put more interest in the story line.
then in battle. Which I think is a of interest.
This will be more or less rated G for everyone.
It is not a religious jont, but a good moral
story. Not that I am against PG or R rated stuff. Enough Said. Thanks Hance

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2003-09-26 04:31:26
Peasant He/Him
Hi, u-all:

This has been an interesting blog:
Well, My birth name was terrible, named for two
uncles. first name Norbert. Well that was'nt two bad, since it was a name of a Saint and a religious order. Then Herbert a baptism name. God what a handle.

My family used to call me Cookie, since my aunt
used to feed me cookies and thought that I was a real sweet child.
When I was studying in Seminary, it was coming around to changing a name for ordination.
So, I picked Matthew, after the Apostle and evangelist. And C. for Constantine, the great empire. After a many years of using the above.
I never again used my original name. When I got injured on a job and eventually on social security disability. The SS administration, decided to use that name. So Now I have been using legally Matthew C. (Constatine) since 1985

Know for some others. Delrevo.
Needed a name for a roleplaying AD&D game a friend of mine created. So my character was to be of noble birth, a warrior/mage So I had a dell computer at one time. And started to use Dell, then by accident a typo in a email became delrev, I anwsered back by O, and it became delrevo. I liked it very much.
Now for Hance: I had a buddy named Lance who
believe it or not family named after Sir Lancelot, in King Arthur's story.
I liked it very much, So I decided to change the L to an H and called myself Hance.

Just recently needed a new email address, I was watching a news thingy about the smuggling of diamonds in south africa flooding the liget diamond industry. So I used the Name Hance Diamond. for my email account.

Thats all for know, have a lovely day.
BTW My first Dmod Bishop'S Quest, that has been over 9 months in production is finished It is in the hands of Dukie to be posted on the
network, hopefully this weekend. Please play the game and let me know how you like it.
send comments to mail to:
PS. If you don't see it up on the board please bug Dukie to put it up. Also moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, on the 5th Oct.
and I am getting a new computer when I arrive with dsl. (very excited about that.)

Peace love, and happiness
aka Hance, Delrevo
Hance Diamond

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ApexD-Mod, RompFair 5.3February 23rd, 2005
Bishop's Quest Part 1: Enter The HeroD-Mod, QuestFair 6.1September 25th, 2003

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