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Size isn't everything. From the COTPATD project.
August 25th, 2004
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant They/Them
The music at the start got me in a really good mood and the rest of the music kept it that way throughout the game (and that says a lot as I normally don't notice the music much).

I like the fact that a lot of things are scripted and with humour too.

Great use of graphics, the trees are gorgeous (great job Dan) and I also like the idea of the "paintings" on the wall. Very nicely laid out and detailed map !

Another *grin* for the fact that the pillbug boss as well as the end-slayer were smaller rather than larger for a change.

Gameplay is very well-balanced, even though the slimes above the church are at first quite hard, there are enough pillbugs to level up and enough gold to find so you need only to kill a few before you can buy yourself a sword after which the slimes are well within your skill.
Finding the secret island also helped.

Even though the plot/storyline is marginal (which I normally find very important) and there was a lot of *opportunity* for fighting, this *didn't* actually start to irritate me as the detailed map and great music kept me enjoying myself.

Could be improved:
* The start screen looks a bit awkward - as if a graphic from something else has been used and some info has been painted over a bit sloppely. (colours don't match)
* The english isn't very fluent.
* Hardness errors (for instance around the entrance of the sword salesman's house or walking through the slayer statue)
* No magic... even though you don't need it, I like to get some. (no double meaning intended)

Overall: very enjoyable little romp.
Looking forward to more work from this promising dmod author.
Excellent work for a first dmod.

P.S.: for some reason I expected the author to be female after playing this mod... looking at *his* profile I found that not to be true. Must be the proven eye for detail which got me to thinking this