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Darkspace Derelict

The Darkspace dmod, just as how I left it.. very conceptual..

In "Extra stuff" I put a bunch of blender files for different objects in the game and also the darkspace palette..
oh and also, two nifty songs in the sound folder, composed by the grand me!... In bigsized wavs aswell! yay!.. one of them which never plays..

There is not much to do in the dmod anyway, just walk around in two areas, filled with trees, with a stupid looking character who only has three fingers by the way..

Have fun...

Released:October 27th, 2002
File Size:6.98 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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November 7th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Female
This is actually not a playable D-mod, but some artistic files.

There are two screens in the D-mod, on which is nothing to do except walk around and have a look at the new graphics. There are trees, grass, mushrooms - all new - and a new background. They look real good.

The new character looks good too, although he walks a bit slow, with giant steps.

There is also a Darkspace palette, a .jpg file and some .blend files, as some newly made midi's. Also a tile with a crashed spaceship. The D-mod uses a new font that you can read easily.

Not so good: Some folders are empty, such as weather and rain.
When pressing enter in the D-mod, you are thrown out of it.

Overall: Not a D-mod, but a collection of well-made graphics. Therefore I do not rate this one as a D-mod - since it would then get a very low ranking - but as a graphics pack.