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Darkspace Derelict

The Darkspace dmod, just as how I left it.. very conceptual..

In "Extra stuff" I put a bunch of blender files for different objects in the game and also the darkspace palette..
oh and also, two nifty songs in the sound folder, composed by the grand me!... In bigsized wavs aswell! yay!.. one of them which never plays..

There is not much to do in the dmod anyway, just walk around in two areas, filled with trees, with a stupid looking character who only has three fingers by the way..

Have fun...

Released:October 27th, 2002
File Size:6.98 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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October 30th, 2002
Score : 6.0 fair
Peasant Male Australia
An unfinished DMOD that is more of an author resource. There is no plot and/or no game as such. Just admire the graphics and listen to one of the two bits of music in the download.

Graphics - Excellent for what there is. but... the main character doesn't have eyes, doesn't have an idle cycle just a static frame, doesn't have a death cycle or sequence at all. Not hit animations, no push animations, no crawl thru a hole animations... zip, nix, nadaa...

Other graphics, one type of grass, some trees, 1 new tile set, (this tile set is very well done)
As pointed out by joshriot - the little pic above gives you a good idea of what the graphics look like.

Sounds - two music files, only one which plays in the DMOD. Both are excellent. But that's it... and that's about 7MB of the 8MB file

Mapping - 2 screens.

Extras - some blender files and a palette - but you will probably create your own DD palette in whatever paint program you use. The one included is not for PSP... not sure what program it is from. Again all for developers.

So download this dmod for one of two reasons:
a) to see what might have been, but never was as the author has fallen into the pit so many DMOD authors do... attempt something that they don't/can't finish.
b) if you want to use the graphics or music for your own DMOD.

I was expecting to see a lot more considering the gestation this project had. A lot more.

As a DMOD it gets a 2, as a development file I'd give it a 9.9... so I guess that makes the average... 6.0 or so.