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2002-07-26 19:32:28
Well, it's like 5am now, and I feel like writing something nice for a change here on the messageboard, so I shall put that in my own little developer journal fun eh?.. no?.. well I dont give a crap what you think..


I was taking a 'break' from my horrid project, But I realized, that taking a 'break' is everything I stand against, If I was to continue with this I could make cheap demo dmods to gain points, but now I thought some time, and realized that I had to continue with my dear project..

So I checked the graphics apartment, they had only some few terrain stuff, grass, trees, rocks.. so I asked 'them' to work harder.. now I have several new nice terrain items, which are all being worked on hard to have the nicest detail possible..

Then I thought of how ugly the main character really looks, so Im going to redo him completely, after industrial quality standard.. and then some critter life, different forms of life on the planet, including birds and other flying things..

Now, did some work on the music too, shaped up some samples, poked some on the songs, which are mainly ambient/industrial.. a nice alien-planetary feel to the whole soundtrack. other things in this area is boring though, not to be discussed..

then design,.. in dink we had very nice maps yes.. almost, but they were very repeated,.. or well, I didn't like that much, in my project I want grand things... ruins of old alien technology, huge trees, rocks and stuff, hopefully I can make the water look nice too..

gameplay now.. hmm, I was thinking ranged weapons, a small but useful arsenal, there might be two or three of them, ammunition will be rather rare in the game, but any such futuristic firearms will be very powerful, any other combat will be melee, using either edged weapons of native/alien origin, or simple martial arts, resulting in kicks/punches..

and well, I want to make the world very living too, so I will make more lifeforms.., in dink the only neutral critters I could remember and feel pity for was the duck and the pig, I want more :/ and I want flying critters too, which I have some theories of how to implement..

Ok, enough of this, bubye anyone who managed to read this to the end, now I'll go to sleep!..

and for anyone who has anything bad to say, go to hell or something

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