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2002-07-24 16:42:55
: : a) Oh you watch Tal, now I'm back things are gonna be back to the way they were when I was here!

: Everything was bad when you were here. Coincidence? I, know not.

: : b) a very long time ago I asked him if he could do it, now I'll take that as a yes automatically.

: I hope that was a typo on your part. Otherwise, that means he can do it, not you. Hmm.

: : Basically, it'll include stuff like buying a house from charlie if you so wish, and I'll add some story about your aunt going into debt because she has you so you gotta move out within a certain time limit, which is done using &debt, I'm also going to make it so Dink never gets enough money, in the end he goes to Charlie without enough money, so Charlie puts him on loan, with interest and all, that'll be done with &house. Lot's coming from a little 12 year old boy!

: If that's how it's going to work, please don't call it Dink 1.08. Label it as your own expansion of sorts. Calling it Dink 1.08 would be misleading.

thats right indeed, dink is only a dmod for the dink engine, if the dink engine would be upgraded, then it would be a new version.. but not the dmod..

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Darkspace DerelictD-Mod, Miscellaneous, UnfinishedFair 5.8October 27th, 2002