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9 Gems of Life (The)

A screen with a couple of edited slayers.
November 22nd, 2003
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant They/Them
Funny little dmod.

The good:
* I love the new dink graphics ! Great knife effects too.
* Lots of goodies to be found
* Some secret areas
* Good intro scene and accompanying sound effects
* Amusing (though in the beginning confusing) comments from monsters when you fight them. (Confusing as I initially thought they would have clues and such, though when you've taken the first hit, you figth back)

The so-so:
* Gameplay is a bit boring and repetitive: to get a, you have to get b, to get b, you have to get c.
* With all the goodies, the fighting was a breeze, which to be fair makes it a bit too easy

The bad:
* Quite a few bugs (game crashed completely once, hardness errors, some tiling which isn't quite the way it should be)
* Unfinished map: various areas where you can't go to the next screen cause it doesn't exist
* Hardly any magic - you can get a "iceball" spell which is very weak and not really much use except for the tree burning

Overall: nice little diversion