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Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

Here we have an extremely detailed screenshot of Dink trying to shake hands with Mr. Fire Pillbug. Dinkaxian minigame. From the COTPATD project. Gladiator minigame. From the COTPATD project.
Dink Smallwood embarks on a journey against an evil foe who controls the very elements of nature. This D-Mod marks the beginning of the Dinky Dimensions trilogy.

Includes a LOT of secret areas. Numerous secret games/items/islands/etc.

*Best download of december 2001*

*Best D-Mod of 2001*

Released:February 26th, 2006
File Size:12.21 MB
Release Notes:v0.99j
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Let's Play (DSPT)

August 7th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
We waited for this D-MOD. It was supposed to be very good, it was said to be very good. It is, oh yes it is, in fact, no, it's not good. It's absolutely fantastic, so great it doesn't fall under the defenition of perfect. This D-MOD has it all, tons of new graphics, tons of humour, tons of new scripts, tons of great midis and music, and hundreds of hours of gaming pleasure can be achieved from this! With 761 squares, the game is huge. With Dan Walma's sense of humour, the laughs are great. With all the new graphics, the gameplay is substantially improved, here's the goods, and the bads, about this great game! I think that makes sense...


Well, where can I start?! I'd first like to point out that the game has been extremely well scripted out, extremely well planned, and well constructed in full. Now, you may know that I like D-MODS with great music and sounds, as a result this D-MOD is excellent in that catagory. This D-MOD boasts thirty-one midis, thirty-one superb high quality midis very well put together. This D-MOD also contains 29 sounds, or 29 wavs. These 29 wavs are all used to their best possible ways, and that I like. Great sounds here. Now I know its quantity not quality that matters, but let's just say there are a good load of high quality scripts. 868 have been counted by my eyes, each one superbly individual. They have all been pushed to the limits allowed by the Dink engine, and if you don't beleive me then check the source! There are guzzons (too many to count) of graphics here, some good, some not so good. The FIAT graphic would come under the average graphic quality, so imagine how good some of the graphics are! FIAT has guzzons of strengths, these are only a few. So here's a few more! The storyline has been very well planned and really shows what FIAT is all about and about why everything is happening and about who it is happening to. The game has been put so greatly together that it very clearly fits into the Dink Timeline, the game explains (in its own little way) Dinks life at the current time, how long ago it was since the original adventure, and much more! ALL of these strengths really show how great this D-MOD is. It was really worth the wait, and for me stuck on a 56k modem, it was really worth the download. However, all this good stuff, will always have bad points. All D-MODS have bad points, so here's a few that I found about FIAT...


There are some hardness errors, not many, but enough to make you annoyed. The map is big, and that is a good thing, but it also causes you to walk around alot, and this is not always a good thing in a D-MOD. From my point of view, it is not. Basically, you know what you have to do, and you're ready for the challenge that awaits, however this doesn't come for a long time seeing the fact that you need to walk around for ages trying to find what you're actually looking for. Oh, and when I say ages I MEAN AGES! Constant boring walking throughout this game without much fighting or action. I also found that there are guzzons of bugs that will try and sometimes succeed in crashing your system, and no, this is not a good thing. However, apart from that I really can't find anything wrong with this game from the way I've played it!


A superb game that our Dan Walma aka RedInk1 has creating, really pushes the limits of our buggy old Dink engine. Take a long time to download as it is a big game, but even for 56K modem people, you should still download this D-MOD. Excellent.

Total 9.7
Grade A (Extremely good)

End Comment "Download, Download, Download, Download, Download!"
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