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Dink Dimensions 1 Fiat - Dance to the Tune Cheat

Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

June 4th 2014, 01:28 AM
Peasant They/Them
In Odvi - Where there is a guy in the upstairs part of one house. He will give you a pendent if you can dance.

Since I am a little tone deaf, I was getting very frustrated because I kept getting the tones for Left and Right mixed up. So I finally came up with a very small cheat that makes all times for levels 2-5 which is 1.9 seconds. Not only did this give my slow brain more time to decide which tone I heard, but it also helped me by forgiving a few of the mistakes I made just as Round 1 did. I know this might not make sense but it really did also effect mistakes made by letting you by with a few more of them. Why this worked like that, I don't really know - my little cheat was meant to just increase the time a little, I had no idea this change would also increase the forgiveness of mistakes made too.

In the file fiat\story\i6-dance, first make a copy and save it somewhere where you can find it easily like your desktop, just in case you need the original.

Now find the following location in the i6-dance file and change the 1.8 for Round 2 to 1.9 (just for looks) and the necessary change for Round 2, change the -–80–ØÔ€Ï2í to ­–90–ØÔ€Ï2í. Below this change is repeated, and also the changes needed for Rounds 3 through 5 also.

Change 2 - 1.8 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–80–ØÔ€Ï2í to Read 5 - 1.9 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–90–ØÔ€Ï2í
Change 3 - 1.6 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–60–ØÔ€Ï3í to Read 3 - 1.9 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–90–ØÔ€Ï3í
Change 4 - 1.4 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–40–ØÔ€Ï4í tp Read 4 - 1.9 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–90–ØÔ€Ï4í
Change 5 - 1.2 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–20–ØÔ€Ï5í to Read 5 - 1.9 SecoˆsœÝª&â ­–90–ØÔ€Ï5í

Make sure you save this file in the same .d format by just saving file (I used Notepad).

I hope this made sense. I just know that I was able to get through this dance routine much, much more easily even though the change was so small. I was pulling my hair out till I came up with this small little cheat.

It Works - please don't give me an argument if you didn't even try it. It Works! Yes I just used Notepad as the Editor and kept the .d file, a .d file! No I did not turn it into a .c file first.

Note: Only change those numbers I have put in bold.
June 4th 2014, 01:32 AM
Peasant He/Him New Zealand rumble
"Skinny Legend" 
.d files aren't meant to be edited in that format... I don't suppose you have a .c script version that actually makes sense? Otherwise I don't understand how you managed to do that.

In WDE+2 you can open .d scripts in the sidebar's Scripts section and copy everything out to notepad and save a .c file instead if that helps.
June 4th 2014, 01:39 AM
Peasant They/Them
Yes you can change some things by simply using Notepad.

The simplest things to change in the .d script are the words.

You have to be careful with changing anything else, but if you see that –80 matches .80 in the dialog for the Round time, that is a safe change to make - I guessed and it worked.
June 4th 2014, 01:42 AM
Peasant They/Them
I don't need any help. I was helping with this little change.

Yes you can change a very few things in a .d file/script and save it too keeping it as a .d file/script.
June 4th 2014, 04:59 AM
Peasant He/Him Sweden bloop
Life? What's that? Can I download it?! 
Eeeh, ok...

Very tedious way to do things.
June 4th 2014, 07:07 AM
Fascinating. I've used the same "trick" with some other games, but never tried it with Dink. Not entirely necessary with FIAT even if you don't have a .D decompiler, as the source should be available here, but fascinating.

Since some things in .D scripts are at least kinda sorta decipherable, this might actually be the quickest way to do some simple cheating, such as changing an enemy's stats, or like you've done, editing a timer.
June 5th 2014, 08:39 AM
Peasant They/Them
I didn't know there was a .c script available or source code available, I guess I have poor searching skills. Anyway I was playing the game pretty close to the end of Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT, so of course I didn't won't to just stop playing because I am so bad at this dancing thing. So, I looked for the script and saw the numbers to change, it worked; I succeeded in doing just a little cheating, which made me happy because I got to see the Giant Monster FIAT and the unlocked stuff.

Oh, you can also tone down some of the curse words like G** Dammit to Gosh Darn it, which I did because I got tired of seeing the words G** Dammit coming up on the screen every time I had to start over at Round 2.

I can take cursing, just get tired of it when it is over, and over right in my face.

You could even go through the whole game if you wanted and change all the script misspellings, because dialogue can be changed too. Heck, you could make up your own words if that would make your gaming more fun.

Just saying, because anything you can read and understand in a .d script can be changed.

I don't think my quick thinking fix was tedious, writing it down and explaining it was a lot more tedious then doing the actual change to the .d script. That took less than a minute to see what changes needed doing, and less than another minute carefully doing the changes and testing to see if it worked.

I just know that I could get by with my lousy dancing and finally got the pendant.

This was the only part of the DMOD I didn't like, everything else (besides the walkabouts) was just so much fun. I am even restarting the game just to take the fun all in again.