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Dinky Dimensions 1: FIAT

The temple of air. From the COTPATD project. Gladiator minigame. From the COTPATD project. Dinkaxian minigame. From the COTPATD project.
August 1st, 2004
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Most of the bugs to this game fell into 2 categories:
1. Loading the wrong graphics for an elemental attack or an elemental knight.
2. Killing the game when I switched weapons or such.

These happened altogether too much, but frequent saving makes the game playable.

Style: 10
FIAT has lots of nice looking graphics, fantastic midis (two or three were annoying, but the rest were well above average), and cool sounds. It also has a fairly well-decorated map, many random scripted objects, and a bunch of amusing conversations. This game has a pleasing style.

Gameplay: 9
The fighting was pretty much the usual. The sneedfee's sword introduced some cute tactics, and the bosses were fun, but other than that it was pretty repetitive. The puzzles and the like were mostly excellent, although there was at least one place where you had to run from person to person. On the whole though, I never really got bored.

Story: 10
A lot of effort seems to have gone into providing a proper context for Dink's quest, and the story here fits quite well with EoT.

Overall: 9.6 (-.1 for bugs)
Pretty much a must-download, but I would play some other Dmods first. This game definitely placed style over substance, and you will have a hard appreciating the visuals unless you've seen what's out there.
August 21st, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him
D(inky )D(imensions )1: F(rom )I(nside )A( )T(ree) is a really cool D-Mod, though it has bad balance and some major bugs.

Plot/Game Play 8.7: The idea with defeating different elements is "old", but redink1 came good out of it with FIAT. This D-Mod is huge, with a lot of new weapons and enemies. It took me 20 hours to finish it, and I haven't found all of the secrets yet. Some of them are fine, and extend the playing time a bit, but they can only be accessed after completing the game. I don't like that idea very much, because the mini games would be better as separate D-Mods. The intro is too long and the beginning is almost impossible without the walkthrough. An unnecessarily high amount of time is spent walking back and forth when solving quests. This could easily have been avoided by adding a bridge between Tware and Medlid later in the game. Also, the islands could have been much smaller.

Graphics 8.0: The graphics are good, but not excellent. There are thousands of new ones, but not all of them have a high quality. While the fire and air monsters' graphics are "not very good", I do really like the skeletons, for example. There is also a sitting merchant in one of the mini games. Anyway, graphics is not the most important part of a D-Mod. A D-Mod can be good, even if it only has the graphics from the original game. An example is... the original game!

Music/Sounds 9.8: Some Midis, especially the one on Medlid, are a bit boring, but else they are nearly perfect! Anyway, the choice of tunes in some Midis could have been better. There are 29 sounds, not all with a very high quality, but there are still many cool ones. I don't care much about sounds, though.

Innovativity 9.5: FIAT is a very innovative D-Mod. Some of the things redink1 made, including the elemental monsters, weapons and magic, are incredible! If you are a D-Mod author, I recommend downloading the source (which should have been included, really) at

Bugs/Stability 4.2: This is definitely FIAT's worst side. Something (the elements, I suppose) causes the game, or entire computer, to crash frequently. Of course I find that annoying, but it doesn't destroy all the fun in playing this D-Mod. Sometimes the first bow is very strong against other monsters than the dragons on Tware, with damages up to 400 000... There are some annoying, freeze-like bugs too.

Balance 5.0: When using elemental magic, the monsters target the ball instead of Dink, which makes them unable to defend themselves! Also, if I attack a monster with a weapon a few times before beginning with magic, I get experience when it dies. Together, these things make it much too easy to kill the monsters, so I guess the last one is a bug. The knights are fine, but some of them, especially the water and void ones, are much too easy. All the knights should have been as difficult as (Or even harder than) the air and earth knights. The final boss, FIAT, is really cool, and he has just the right strength. Hmmmm... The air knight is much easier the second time than the first one, probably because the player doesn't have fireball magic the first time (s)he faces him. Something should be done with that too, I think.

Overall (8.5): FIAT is a very cool D-Mod after all. If the bugs and bad stability/balance is fixed, and if the author includes the source, in the later versions (redink1 says FIAT v1.00 will come soon.), I will give it a much higher score than I do now.
August 9th, 2002
Score : 8.3 good
Okay, after hacking through this DMOD a couple times, finding all the secrets (painfully) and loving and detesting it at the same time, I thought "hmm...maybe I should write a review", so I will. First, I'll start out with what's good about it, and there's quite a bit...

For one, all the secrets and minigames in the mod added a degree of fun to it. (Exterminator is great) Searching for, and beating them all added a lot of replay value to the game, and made it more worthwhile. The new graphics were for the most part excellent, though some of them were just line drawings done in Paint, but that's alright, there weren't too many like that. The thing that really makes it stand out is the mass of new features and tweaks to the game that this introduces. I loved the buttstomp ability, although this also comes up as part of a major downpoint of the game. I also really liked the new spells, and the addition of elemental weapons. The bouncing airball one was my favorite. Of course, the sheer size of the mod is great, and it should take up a good number of hours to beat, especially if you're not using a walkthough. Okay, now on to the not-so-great parts of the mod.

Okay, I'll start out with the thing that annoys me the most about this mod: the sheer amount of run-across the whole world map to get this or that, then run back and do it again type puzzles. What I'm getting at is that the puzzles in this game can get horribly repetative (especially in the later elemental dungeons, most notably the fire and stone ones). Even though I've come to expect this breed of puzzle from Redink after the bomb puzzle in Lost in Dink (I believe), I still can't say I much care for them. The plot, on the whole, is not terribly interesting (it's been done before, yada yada), but the game itself makes up for that with some good humor. The other major problem with this is how the game is very unbalanced difficulty-wise. The buttstomp ability, although it's really funny, wreaks havok on enemies in the early parts of the game (swords, pah) and when you get the really powerful fists, it does again. So, basically, the first half of the game is ludicrously easy, due to the ease of defeating the enemies, and the fact that the first dungeon basically sets you up for the entire game gold-wise. The bosses, well, the first one is definitely appropriately hard, but all of the other knigts are a joke, and can be beaten when half asleep without taking any damage. Another minor complaint is the fact that there are a number of game-crashing bugs that appear here and there for some reason when you equip/use the new items and spells. It only happens occasionally, and if you save often, you should be fine.

So, overall, is it a good dmod? Definitely. Is it worth downloading? Very much so. Is it a GREAT dmod? No, fraid not. Of course, considering what else there is, FIAT is definitely one of the best things out there, despite some genuinely frustrating parts. So, therefore, despite all the negative points I made in the review, I must say 'Great Job' to Dan Walma for making this mod. It's very professionally done, if not professionally designed.

Grade:: B- to B
August 7th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
We waited for this D-MOD. It was supposed to be very good, it was said to be very good. It is, oh yes it is, in fact, no, it's not good. It's absolutely fantastic, so great it doesn't fall under the defenition of perfect. This D-MOD has it all, tons of new graphics, tons of humour, tons of new scripts, tons of great midis and music, and hundreds of hours of gaming pleasure can be achieved from this! With 761 squares, the game is huge. With Dan Walma's sense of humour, the laughs are great. With all the new graphics, the gameplay is substantially improved, here's the goods, and the bads, about this great game! I think that makes sense...


Well, where can I start?! I'd first like to point out that the game has been extremely well scripted out, extremely well planned, and well constructed in full. Now, you may know that I like D-MODS with great music and sounds, as a result this D-MOD is excellent in that catagory. This D-MOD boasts thirty-one midis, thirty-one superb high quality midis very well put together. This D-MOD also contains 29 sounds, or 29 wavs. These 29 wavs are all used to their best possible ways, and that I like. Great sounds here. Now I know its quantity not quality that matters, but let's just say there are a good load of high quality scripts. 868 have been counted by my eyes, each one superbly individual. They have all been pushed to the limits allowed by the Dink engine, and if you don't beleive me then check the source! There are guzzons (too many to count) of graphics here, some good, some not so good. The FIAT graphic would come under the average graphic quality, so imagine how good some of the graphics are! FIAT has guzzons of strengths, these are only a few. So here's a few more! The storyline has been very well planned and really shows what FIAT is all about and about why everything is happening and about who it is happening to. The game has been put so greatly together that it very clearly fits into the Dink Timeline, the game explains (in its own little way) Dinks life at the current time, how long ago it was since the original adventure, and much more! ALL of these strengths really show how great this D-MOD is. It was really worth the wait, and for me stuck on a 56k modem, it was really worth the download. However, all this good stuff, will always have bad points. All D-MODS have bad points, so here's a few that I found about FIAT...


There are some hardness errors, not many, but enough to make you annoyed. The map is big, and that is a good thing, but it also causes you to walk around alot, and this is not always a good thing in a D-MOD. From my point of view, it is not. Basically, you know what you have to do, and you're ready for the challenge that awaits, however this doesn't come for a long time seeing the fact that you need to walk around for ages trying to find what you're actually looking for. Oh, and when I say ages I MEAN AGES! Constant boring walking throughout this game without much fighting or action. I also found that there are guzzons of bugs that will try and sometimes succeed in crashing your system, and no, this is not a good thing. However, apart from that I really can't find anything wrong with this game from the way I've played it!


A superb game that our Dan Walma aka RedInk1 has creating, really pushes the limits of our buggy old Dink engine. Take a long time to download as it is a big game, but even for 56K modem people, you should still download this D-MOD. Excellent.

Total 9.7
Grade A (Extremely good)

End Comment "Download, Download, Download, Download, Download!"
July 7th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
Dinky Dimensions is a very good game. Dink has to go to the magik isles to stop something evil. Apparently, an Ancient One, more powerful than Seth. It takes place nine years after Dink had defeated Seth, and has been thought out really well. You have to use your innituitive to get through some obstacles, which makes it more adventurous.

It has lots of good points.

The scripting thatb was done was awsome. IT really made it more interesting. I liked it anyway.

The new way of showing the monsters was really good. Using the elements made it look even better. I also thought that the way you could elementalize your weapons was a really great way to sharpen up the game.
Basically it was terriffic.
It had some superb midis. It really set the mood for where you were in the game. Whats better with the sounds, is when Dink falls down a hole. The yell is really good. Makes me jump every time it happens. ha ha.
Oh, and the new thing you could make Dink do was funny and also quite idiotic, was, the buttstomp.
It worked though. Yes I have to admit, it worked really well.

The new elemental magics were good. Especially since they were the only kind of magic you could use. I thought the different knights were good, but I have to say, the hardest one to beat, would have to be the earth knight. Man, was he hard or what? I guess the skull guy is cool as well as the knights.

It was a logical game in a way, which proved to be good. I think, in general, it's the best dmod i've ever played.
In this game, you had to think your way out of tricky situations, which was occaisionly quite difficult. Especially in the Earth Dungeon.

There are also some bad points in it that I didn't like.

The first knight, the air knight, he was far too easy to beat. He didn't attack much, and his special wind magic wasn't used enough to defend himself.

The intro was a bit weird, but ok. I guess.
Some of the mazes were a bit too hard and annoying. That was something that satrted to put me a bit off at times.

As I said earlier, the sounds and midis were really great, but I think I have to say that they got a bit wearing and repetitive at times.
The balance of the game was a bit off and the plot of it at one point or another, seemed to drift away. What I mean is, the game started to drift away from where it was heading, which really confused me.
I didn't really like the fact that ALL of the bosses were knights. Although I guess, it was ok.

The most interesting but also the worst parts are the dungeons. You need to do different things to get through. Light missiles, extinguish fires... The only problem is, you need to do it many times and you don't need to use any new techniques for it. I don't know why, but even though it's like that, I still seem to think that this dmod is the best one I have played yet.

But, after a bit, the lack of clues, really ruined it. It's really hard, and clues can be really helpfull on making a game worthwhile. Although I still really like the game.

Ok, overall, it was a really superb and well done game. It's in my opinion a must play game. I couldn't stop playing till I was finished
The graphics, midis and monsters were terriffic and I really hope there can be another game just like this one.
(the bugs though, I think they should be delt with and i'm sure more and more people will love like i do.)
May 5th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Destroying noobs since 1999. 
FIAT after 2 long years of development finally came out. I was a beta tester for this game and I don't see any of these horrible bugs other are talking about, but oh well. This game takes place after dink's main adventure, and dink is sent to a bunch of small Isle's with a bunch of fruity magicians on it to find out what their problem is. The King sends Dink in thinking is just some small problem, and not knowing the real mess.

Music: I thought the music was great, it set the mood, and it wasn't tedious at any point.

Graphics: The graphics weren't all that great, but they are pretty good for the purpose RedInk was using them for. If he would have tried to make the graphics any better, when the graphics were loaded into dink they would have looked like crap.

Plot: The plot is good; however, there is one down side. Every boss is a knight. However, these knight are very different in how they attack, and how you beat them, RedInk got really creative here.

Game Play: Not only are there a bunch of secrets in the game, but RedInk got very creative with the scripting in this D-mod. In order to solve puzzles in this d-mod you will have to put your think caps on, and try some funny things.

Weapons: there are a ton of new weapons to choose from (I don't wana ruin it)

The truth is, this is one of the best d-mods out and a must play. Between the humor, graphics, sound Weapons, and game play, this is easily one of the top d-mods around.
January 13th, 2002
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Great dmod! Some great new graphics and monsters that change with the location. Not the same ol' find some magic and kick butt type of dmod. Not every magic works well in every area. And you really have to EARN the magic you get. I thought the midi's were good, I really liked the one on Odvi. The Bosses were a B*tch to beat, but fiat wasn't so tough. So many secrets, and took me over a month to find them all. Within this DMOD are what Dan calls mini-games. These mini-games are actually certifiable stand-alone DMODs. One is unlike anything I've seen, you train elemons for battle - you'll have to play it and see. It is obvious that this mod was a challange to make and it is as equally challanging to beat. The challange lays mostly with finding all the add-ons and hidden secrets. For example: The use of an ultimate weapon when defeating the final boss gives you an extended ending. But getting an ultimate weapon is the tough part.

New loading screen and new main menu with great graphics and new ideas. Who is that bald dude?

The plot in my opinion flows nicely and rarely leaves you wondering what you must do next. The one draw back I see refers to the map size. With the size of the map, I wish Dink could find teleports (hidden under burnable trees or something), because after beating FIAT, you must again travel the entire map in search of...well you know.

POTA, Stone of Balance and Isle of croth were great dmods because they were big,cohesive and introduced new ideas in dmods. I feel this dmod did that as well, although some tinkering was needed to work out the bugs. This is the best DMOD to date in my opinion, narrowly edging out POTA, in large part due to the entertaining add-ons hidden in the game. One last note: I hate that dang pig who steals my water! Hate him! I'll never look at pigs the same way again
December 20th, 2001
Score : 8.9 good
I like to steal a line from a review redink1 (FIAT author) wrote for another great dmod. FIAT is a D-Mod you're going to love and hate at the same time. Many new and modified monsters and spells are well suited for the game plot. You do need to use different elemental weapons (or magic) on different elemental monsters. Although redink1 did try very hard to save the space on the inventory item list, it can still get crowded very soon. Unless you spent a lot of time to kill, you always find you don't have enough gold. Half of the time you get nothing from killing a monster (not just pillbugs). The plot starts out very nice, but soon it becomes clueless. Many times in order to finish a task, you need to go back to another isle. Most of the time, you don't really where and what you should find.
Most of NPC's have chat options, but as far as I can remember they are just gossips. Some of the conversations should be changed after certain points though. Map design is nicely done, but the interior of most rooms are pretty empty. The most interesting but also the worst parts are the dungeons. You need to do different things to get the blocks to open. Lit a missle. Extinguish a fire... But you need to do it many times and you don't need any new techniques. And if something bad happened... I'm not just talking about Dink died. The whole game crashed or exited to desktop very often. I don't know why, but FIAT is by far the most unstable dmod I have ever played. (In fact it happened so many times that I did not finish the final dungeon. I just decided I had enough the dungeon fight and then cheated my way to see FIAT.) Since all secrets are clueless, I bet most of people can probably get very few secrets. You can access the secret AFTER you beat the game. It's fine to do it this way, but I don't like it. The game is very difficult. Air knight (the first boss) is the most difficult one (besides FIAT). With water axe and water magic, I even don't know if the fire knight has any special skill before I killed him. FIAT really breaks lots new grounds in many ways and should deserve a great score, but any repeating tasks and system crashes prevent it from being excellent.
December 19th, 2001
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Australia
Well, at last it is out, and it was worth the wait. This DMOD breaks new ground in many, many ways.

New graphics: some very good, some not so good, but I always like to see new graphics, seems the big hole in the ground I've seen somewhere before

Music: a bit of a let down here. While good at the start of each island, I found it getting very repeatitive.

Sounds: good with interesting variations

Map design was really nice, although the story implementation meant for a lot of walking. And I mean a lot of walking. I got so bored doing this I wrote a cheat which would take me to each new island as I came to it.

Story/Plot. Nice use of elements with the new magic. But some of the tasks got mundane. 20 water spikes, going after the pig who steals water, fighting the rock monsters with his own rocks was great - but kinda contradicts the power of the elements set up. Rock fighting rock should have increased the strength of the rock knight.

One of the things I found annoying was the lack of clues in the later half. Part of it is the trouble of scripting some many characters to respond to the changing story, but I found having conversations repeated, without helping me, frustrating.

Magic: All new system - well done!

Items - modified and new.

Secrets: plenty. Although I didn't get access to the mini-games until I'd killed FIAT - on purpose I assume.

So the downside is the boredom and frustration in walking/lack of clues and repeatition of tasks. Killing all the bad knights again to get to FIAT bored me to the extreme. I now know why people have found SOB hard and frustrating. But overall this is a great DMOD. More new stuff than POTA, very clever scripting in a many places, nice new magic system. Too much walking, too little clues, humour disappeared at the end, too much repeatition in tasks.
April 24th, 2010
Score : 8.7 good
Peasant He/Him Greece
Yep that's right. FIAT is an awesome d-mod. It should be the example that every d-mod should follow. But there are some things that completely ruined it.

The Good: The good? THE GOOD??? Everything! All new 800 scripts and elementalized hazards. The history itself is great! I cannot list all the goods in this d-mod, but i can tell you there are a LOT!

Here i review all the islands:

Medlid: The opening quest was great, with only some flaws. I didn't like the way you got the money in this d-mod. I hadn't figured it for a long time and i needed to get to the well or even cheat to get money.

Rai: The air island. It was AWESOME, especially in the building with the sticks and the beans! I loved the quest on this island. The only thing i didn't like was sometime when you re-visit Rai later on the game, you get locked and need to find a secret way through the river to go out.

Drongu: Was tough! A very hard part. Took me hours to defeat the earth knight! The music got annoying after a long time, and i had to shut it down. But overall it was a cool adventure.

Tware: The raining island. I really loved it. The monsters were tough, but the dragons had a trick! The spikes were really getting on my nevres after sometime. I also loved the part were you went in-the-water to reach the machine.

Rife: (Or at least this is what i think it's called). It's hot in there, warning! It was a nice quest, but i didn't like all this Tware-Rife walking. The Kill the pig was also getting on my nevres sometimes...

Odvi: TOUGH AS HELL! I really didn't like this part, as it has a lot of random things like dance etc. This really reduced the score for me. But i liked the hazards, so it doesn't fail that much as 5 points.

Fiat: Was a really tough boss. At first when i got him i thought, THAT WAS ALL? And then the second face pops out. Second face is as hard as the first face in the power of the first face. If you know what i mean.

Bonus & Secrets add 1 to the overall score as they rock

53,9 / 7 = 7,7 + 1 = 8,7

An awesome d-mod that is a shame that didn't get to v1.00

November 8th, 2007
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Singapore
Man, I love Necrodragons.... 
I played this awesome game and it took me about a few hours to complete, everything is nice about this game except.........the end boss. I mean just look at him, FIAT looks like a oversize golfball with two ugly arms and it dosen't seem to match with all the other elemental monsters. Neverless, it is a very fun game as many cool new graphics were put together with it.
January 6th, 2006
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
The world could always use more heroes 
PLOT: A thing has appeared in the sky above the Majik Isles. Dink is sent there to find out what put it in the sky and kill a second Ancient One "FIAT" (Like Seth in the original)

This is a pretty cool D-Mod. Unfortunatly I haven't completed it even with a walkthrough. The fire and ice pillbugs and boncas (and other elements I haven't seen yet) graphics are really cool. I have found a Fire Stone Giant and on the second island, I've discovered air elementals. (Fire, Ice, Air, and more.) My ratings are as follows.
Plot 9.0
Graphics 10.0
Storyline 10.0
MIDIs 9.0
Mapping 9.4
Lasting Appeal 8.8+
Overall 9.4

This is a really cool D-Mod and a nice long and should be played by everyone. Remember. Fire pillbugs are bad for you. They CAN literally burn Dink. lol And the air boncas will leave you winded.
July 28th, 2004
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant He/Him United States
Wanderer of the Wasteland 
This is one of the best epic D-Mod's made by none other than Redink1 himself! It is vastly expansive in many ways.

-Many new graphics, enemies, sounds, and gameplay things. Skeletal enemies really look scary, the elemental knights are a nice touch, and the elements applied to the normal enemies add fun strategy. The ability to make elemental weapons and stack items you need lots of is just plain smart and helpful. Dink's screaming as he falls with scare you and make you laugh at the same time. The mini games are excessively creative and make games in themselves. The world is well set up with the islands and there mysterious past.

-Occasional bugs when using the inventory screen. Slightly lost at some points.

Now can I say this...

Whoohoo! I blok paf wif rok!

The Vault Dweller
January 13th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
Can't really add much to the reviews already available...

This game is one of the classics. I just finished it for the second time.
* Finding all the secrets is a true crime.
* Having to fight your way through all the mazes several times in the faint hope of finding the requisites for the ultimate weapon(s) is a nightmare.
* Having to see my computer crash time after time makes my heart bleed

And still you play on..
And still it doesn't get boring enough to call it quits..

So great game !

P.S.: I love the duck dungeon....
June 16th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
You must save world from large, ugly... FIAT! He has taken control of elements of nature. This D-Mod has new great graphics, lots of secrets, new magic, and new weapons. But there were hardness bugs. Ouch. It has humour but it disappears at end. All magics don't work well at every area.

MIDIS: At beginning, music at Medlid was too short and it sucks. But there were better at the end. Music at Odvi was good.

SCRIPTING AND GAMEPLAY: Great. Earth knight is hardest to beat. Scripting is awesome. Buttstomp is good at beginning to kill enemies. Gameplay is good, but lack of clues in later half ruins a bit. First island is almost impossible without walkthrough. But gameplay is still good.

GRAPHICS: Much, much more. Elemental graphics for almost every enemy, magic and weapon. Fire creatures looked ugly. Others were okay. SkullMan is great looking new enemy, but that's it. If you want great new graphics, play FB3: Legend of Tenjin. Five bombs appeared at same slot. So did beers.
June 11th, 2002
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Hey, this was a great DMOD. Had a good mix of humour and gameplay. I personally prefer epics over any other kind of DMOD, since the autho has more time to absorb you into the world he or she has created. I think this DMOD could have been made smaller with less characters, and also develop the character's personalities more. Too much walking, and the many of the tasks get too repetitive after the first few times. Rockets, pig(I hate pigs, now I kill all pigs I see), etc. I liked most of the secrets however, and much of the graphics are great. I'd have to give it a 9.2
May 27th, 2002
Score : 8.7 good
Well, im afraid that not many of you are going to like my review. basically, while i though that FIAT was a great dmod, its still too close to teh original dink to my liking. i mean, the same old graphics, same weapon animations. Nothing was really dont to this dmod which i would call groundbreaking. HOWEVER, it did have some great scripting, cool midi's (esp. the one on odvi i thought), and a neat-o storyline.

Full points to the author for making a HUGE dmod, with all the same things as were found in the original. points taken off though, for using the same old graphics. one of the most crucial things i found, which lowers the score, are hardness bugs. i find this type of bug very annoying, as it completely ruins the effect of the game, if all of a sudden the player walks through that very solid looking wall... but yeah, it was a good dmod, with plenty of cool features. pity about the bugs!. (the author can think the stars i only played the latest version, not the initial release!)
April 25th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant They/Them
it was a good D-mod.There were very few bugs in the game,alot of cool new weapons and enemies.All of the bosses were pretty easy eccept the earth knight
The graphics were good I would give them a 9.9
The game play was good other than some freezes at the end of the game
Iwould giv gameplay a 9.0
Sounds they got anoying after awile but compared to other D-MODs they were good 9.2
overall I would give it a 9.7
February 28th, 2002
Score : 9.5 exceptional
This is the best DMOD I've played. It has great gameplay and lots of enemies to kill. It has some nice secrets and the different weapons for different enemies is cool.

I Liked: New weapons, new baddies, mazes, logic play.

I Disliked: Had a few bugs (crashed at the end), some mazes were a little tedious.
January 21st, 2002
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant They/Them United States
keep it real 
keep in mind that i have not beaten FIAT yet because my computer still freezes when i kill it, so if something spectacular happens for the ending, it is not reflected in this review.

the intro was wierd. i think it could have been better. not too dramatic or impressing. the early stages of the game were pretty basic. not much of a story, not much action. the first dungeon was real bad. the only neat thing was the bridges, but the whole place looked screwy. the knight was great, challenging, and it had an interesting attack. this is the first part that got me interested. everything gets much better from here on. all the dungeons have unique puzzles, and some of the knights are really fun to fight. others are not. there are many original and humorous elements to this dmod, but the difficulty seems unecessarily unbalanced. some tasks are very easy, while others are very frusterating. one solution that i particularly got a kick out of was the solution to defeating a new character with a skull for a head. very nice. the following cutscene was cool too. one of the most dramatic ones ive seen in dink. all in all, the game is fun as long as your willing to put up with a few tedious partitions.

music was great. the midis are uplifting and dance worthy. i want to get my mojo working right now, baby. the rocket's sound effect is almost as cool as falling in quicksand in SOB.

graphics suck. they just suck. and i mean suck. i guess the skull guy is cool, but everything else sucks. the elementals look like trash. well, at least the fire and wind ones. i guess the graphics arent really all that sucky.

plot is good in some places, but i really didnt "get it" in most places. i still dont get it. whats the deal with the plot here? maybe there is a plot, but i just didnt grasp it. what i do know is: some wizard has unleashed magic. elemental monsters roam, guarded by knights. go somewhere, do stuff, kill a knight, go to next place. however, there are nice quest along the way, but i still dont get it.

secrets are neat. i still havent gotten to see them in action, but finding them is neat.

i give FIAT a 9.0. i do not think it is the best dmod ever made, but it makes most other dmods look like a joke.