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I'm a student who enjoys all things sci-fi and fantasy both as RPG's, books, and popular media. I started with Dink Smallwood since it was free then came here for the D-Mods. I personally love the community with so many dedicated members and the massive freedom of mod making.

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2005-02-21 14:46:46
Peasant Male United States
Wanderer of the Wasteland 
Ok...I just finished reading the book Dune by Frank Herbert yesterday. Needless to say like any great book thats very long I feel like Im on cloud 9 right now. Im just in awe of the whole book and everything represented in it.

The huge and complicated interweaving of politics, science, religion, and relationships is amazing yet easily believable. Its not unlike reading about the history of Earth at certain points. I especially love the deep scientific descriptions. Im pretty sure the author was either educated as a hobby or a proffessional since he chose to include so much about the environment of Dune and most importantly about all the interactions between its living and non-living elements. Like how Kynes was described as "single-mindedly" passionate and obsessed with understanding the cycle of Dune's life.

The ending left me feeling so uneasy, but under the circumstances it was proper. he becoming a mystic fanatic? Has he lost his Atreides love...or is it just hidden under his harsh lessons on Arrakis?

I was dissapointed in only one insignificant way that could apply to me, but not to other readers. How Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen's character had so little to do from halfway through the story 'til the very end when he is killed in a rather simple un-explanatory manner. The thing is...when I read the description of his character he apparently looks almost exactly like me and acts with many of the same mannerisms. (except for being evil) He's described as being "furtively glancing" or "watching and thinking as though ready for action", but though he takes part in quite some violence he often carries himself in a peaceful, secluded manner. Like how he praised a slave for defeating him at a game of chess after which he had to kill him at Baron Vladimir's order.

Which reminds me. Was the Baron a homosexual? In the first scene with him and Feyd-Rautha it describes how Feyd looks by having the Baron look him over physically. At first I thought it was just admiration. Then later when Feyd sends a slave to kill the Baron, I initially thought the slave tried to kill the Baron outright, but according to him he was sliding his hand on his thing and just barely avoided the poison needle. After chastising Feyd for a failure he then has the guards bring him "Another male...and a young one at that!"

There are so many philosophical paragraphs and short excerpts in the book. I would write them down here, but I only remember them vaguely.

Anyone else read it?

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