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Agathain Sea Traders

The map that serves as a setting for the game. Can anyone help
Sail around the world, trading goods to earn money. A great game, if you got the time.

It's open-source. So modify it if you want, or study the code
Released:November 18th, 2003
File Size:215.08 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
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August 8th, 2006
Score : 2.6 horrible
This D-Mod disturbs me to no end... While it definitely has great potential, almost nothing comes of it. The basic element of this D-Mod is to travel between cities buying and selling goods to try and make a profit - (actually, this is the only element here). I had really hoped for a multi-tiered economic management simulator, but, alas, that is not to be the case. Here is my summary...

Possibly the weakest element of this D-Mod. The only present story elements is that you are a sea trader that starts out dirt poor, and sells trade goods to try and make a profit. While a background story is not completely necessary, the major falling out that I see here is that there is no challenge beyond trying to trade for a profit... The gold you get from the trade goods can only be used to buy one thing, which is more trade goods- thus, in my mind, completely defeating any real drive or purpose to the game. There are no outside elements to influence your trade- save occassional pirates, no scenarios, no possible advancement, no challenges, and no real purpose in this D-Mod.

The menus that the game ran from were streamlined and easy to use, and was very easy to pick up, saying that other games of similar genres are normally not very beginner friendly. This, however, is to be expected, since the game never really bothers to take things to the next level, prefering to stay near the beginning. I find it very sad that there is so little material in this D-Mod. It would take very little to make it much more interesting... You could, say, for example- get to buy better ships which either hold more or are faster- be able to hire specialized crew members - engage in local politics of the differant cities - deal with a boycott of one of your profitable goods... In sort, with only one or two extra scripts, this game could have actually added an element of challenge and strategy that it is lacking. Simply trading goods grows redundant fast, and may induce heavy sleep for the player...

The midis were catchy, but they (like everything else) grew tiresome quickly. The game seems to dismiss the idea that one could add ambient sounds, to say, give the player the impression that there ship is in the middle of the sea, traveling between two major docks...

The map provided was painfully simple, and served no purpose at all, since you could instantly travel between any two cities you choose.


I may seem like I am being harsh, but it is not because this is necessarily a horrible D-Mod so much as a piecework of savagely lost potential. With only a few additions, I think that I could bring it up a few score points- but, alas, as it is, I find myself tearfully bored after each playing...