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2003-06-29 01:00:54
Read better, he said "My backups are gone"

What do you mean with "Screwed up"

FAT / NTFS screwed up?
File recovery programms
doesnt work:

if you got winXP on it, then put the XP cd into the cd-rom, restart the pc, press DEL ( or something else ) to enter the bios, set boot order: Floppy, Cd, Hd, Network ( if you got those avaible )

Reboot, then press R when you are in the setup to access repair windows menu. You get a couple of questions and when you are in the *DoS* window copy all files ( if you can ) on a floppy ( cd's doesnt work, network maybe, but i DONT know how to copy them to another pc that way )

If the file is too large, then you are *peeped*

doesnt work:

HD died? ->
Try a file recovery programm ( )

If the programm fails, then:
Send it to a HD recovery lab ( costs $$$$$ ) They scan the surface of the HD platters to read it ( ex: 0 - 1 - 1 - 0 - 0 )

then they will try to read the FAT / NTFS to find out which bits are 1 file.

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