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Between the Shadows

A rendered introduction to an upcoming D-Mod.
Released:February 12th, 2000
File Size:6.86 MB
Release Notes:Intro
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June 29th, 2002
Score : 9.4 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
Wow! I've never seen graphics look this good! Totally 3D! This has to be the greatest intro I've seen! I'd never have thought the Dink engine could have done this. There are some bad points, so here's what I think the goods and the bads are about this stunning intro...


This really pushes what the Dink engine can do! Silencer has obviously put a lot of care and work into making this. The graphics here are totally 3D, and amazingly put together! This intro really shows the top quality work that our silencer can produce. The intro doesn't show much, but what it does show is 100% outstanding. A job well done Silencer, a job well done...


I felt that this intro didn't explain much about the storyline of Between The Shadows. It seems to be very "short" in length, although it is a massive download. There is no narration in it at all, which I think would greatly improve this intro. Looking at the graphics, there are many that have been duplicated. This simply makes the download size bigger, without doing anything. These weaknesses really show the downside of what is, really, a great introduction.


I felt that the graphics shown here are really well done, but there is simply not enough here to reveal any of the storyline. This is bad, but also in many ways good. A great way to push the Dink engine to its limits. Spectacular, a great intro

Total - 9.4
Grade A

End Comment "Great, in fact, AMAZING intro. Totally 3D Graphics, Downlaod!"
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