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Between the Shadows

A rendered introduction to an upcoming D-Mod.
Released:February 12th, 2000
File Size:6.86 MB
Release Notes:Intro
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September 30th, 2002
Score : 8.4 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
This trailer offers super high quality grahics and excelent sound. The game has no midis, but instead only wavs. Also there are no original Dink-graphics in the game. Only VERY good looking BMP's. Too bad the game won't be released 'cause I'd really like to see what can be made out of this.
It looks and sounds all good (uhm... VERY good) and stuff, but there's a big downside to this trailer too. There's ABSOLUTELY NO story involved... that sucks a bit, but it's also cool in a way because it's more something of a mystery now.
GRAPHICS 9.6: In one word: FANTASTIC. Sometimes animations can be a little shocky, but everything looks so dang proffesional, I wish I could do that.
SOUND 9.6: Just as the graphics, almost perfectly done, no stupid midis anymore but super cool wave files. Aslo fits well with the graphics.
GAMEPLAY N/A (but still a) 7: I had complaints with my earlier done review of the Other World Trailer, N/A but still a? I mean sort of GAMEWATCH instead of gameplay, just to clear that up. Ok, now I know this game would rock if it'd come out, but I have absolutely no idea how the gameplay nor the story would be. There are scripts and no texts, so I'm kinda stumped. Fun to watch the great graphics though.
LASTING APPEAL 7.2: Not too long, but long enough though. The Other World Trailer was longer, but not nearly as beautiful as this one. If this trailer would be longer, I guess the size would be too big, so maybe it shouldn't be any longer.
TOTAL: 8.4
End comment: VERY proffesional done, download it and see how good this sounds/looks, you'll never believe this is under the Dink engine
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