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BattleSys 3.1 is a system that modifies the way that dink fights monsters. It offers many, many improvements in gameplay and offers a different way of experiencing Dink. Well, that’s only true when you are making a “Final Fantasy” style dmod.
Released:February 27th, 2003
File Size:235.44 KB
Release Notes:3.1
August 25th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant He/Him Australia
This is an add-on for any DMOD. The prophet has devised a new fighting system in which Dink and his foe take turns.

This is meant to be like (or inspired by, take your pick) by the Final Fantasy type games. Never having played a Final Fantasy game (yeah, I know, I must be one of the only gamers who hasn’t) such a description means very little to me. Anyway I read thru the readme.txt file and it sounded interesting so I unzipped the demo DMOD and tried it out.

Yes it is a new system. Dink takes turns attacking, with the player getting to choose if Dink attacks with a weapon or with magic. A certain amount of damage may then be inflicted. The enemy then takes a turn and Dink stands still while he gets hurt.

Now none of this “battle” takes place on the screen you meet the enemy, but on a new fight screen – and from what I understand of the readme file, the author can control/specify what sort of arena the fight takes place in. That is, it is customisable – which is a good thing.

But the fight looked strange to me. Dink standing on the left, the enemy on the right… your turn Dink… “Oh… OK, here’s a fireball, Mr Bonca.” And whoosh off went a fireball, but it wasn’t an animated one… not sure why not. Then it was Mr Bonca’s turn. He waddles over and hits Dink once with its tail. Ta da! Dink gets hurt, and Mr Bonca waddles back to his (duelling spot). This whole set up made me laugh. And it still does… Dink duelling with Mr. Bonca…. <SimonK ROTL, picks himself up and tries to finish the review>

Then I had Dink attack with a fist, but he didn’t seem to do any damage, and I didn’t hear the punch sound… oh well, it was time for Mr Bonca to have a swing, so I sat back and watched… and thought this is going to get really tedious with a tough monster.

I then tried a pillbug (hmmm this sounds like I’m in a restaurant…) I had Dink attack with a fist again… and again no punch sound and no damage to Mr Pillbug. (I mean, what do you call an enemy that stands so politely and takes his punishment in such a gentlemanly fashion?)

I then had Dink throw a fireball at Mr Pillbug and noticed that when it hit it sounded like a sword hitting… what the…? At this point I decided to leave the polite world of Battle Sys 3.1

It seems a reasonable amount of work has gone into this Development file, but ultimately I don’t believe anyone will use it. It’s too… polite. And battles are anything but polite.

5 out of 10