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Eyeball Junior

A smaller version of the Eyeball Enemy, and this time with an attack. Includes sounds, dink.ini lines, etc. for easy placement in your D-Mod.

Version A includes a slight update to the script, giving it a value for sp_strength.
Released:June 18th, 2002
File Size:281.30 KB
Release Notes:A
June 19th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
This enemy is very good!!! The graphics are very good and now that an attack sequence is made it is excellent. I am going to use eyeball and eyeball jr. in my dmod and I add Simon to the credits. This file is WORTH the time downloading and the costs ( if you are using a modem ) Great job Simon!

The Graphics are very good and the sound effects make this a file that is worth downloading. Now that a attack sequence is made excellent.

It is nice but I wish it has a magic attack.

The help file is good too. So I will give this file a..... 9.6