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Three New Heroes

From the dmod.diz, "Dink must steal runes for the emperor Baal, if he doesnt, he wont see his home any more, this demo version allows you to collect 1 rune, not more"
Released:July 1st, 2002
File Size:3.53 MB
Release Notes:Demo v1.2
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July 7th, 2002
Demo v1.2
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant He/Him
Three New Heroes, TheProphets greatest acheivement so far. Yes, very good game here, however I felt that the bad points about it, are not good. Heh . But really, this is a very challenging and very well put together game. There are lots of new secrets and items and spells etc. that give the game a new approach, making it look high, and supreme, although it is not quite supreme. I feel that this game had MANY good points, but then I also felt that it had MANY bad points, if you wish to view them, then have a lil' read below...


I liked the way he produced his credits, with cool looking graphics, and multiple screens. I did think that it would change screens automatically, until I realised that you had to press enter as it was presented like a world map was... I thought the title screen was good, and the way that the buttons came down from the top of the screen and into their right places, ve smart there indeed. I liked the little animation of "made by martijn" although I know many people called martijn, so maybe that should be changed slightly. I thought the few new graphics included in this game was very good, and the storyline AFTER the beginning was very well thought out. I feel that the MAP iteself, has been constructed and put together very nicely, making it a fun map to just play around with. I liked the hills which spawn new pillbugs, as I used them to level up before fighting the giant eyeball. I thought that the level you start at, MAKES you HAVE to level up, no matter what, otherwise, the giant eyeball would crush you. I liked the script that Dink can buy which gives him the oppertunity to SAVE the game absolutely ANYWHERE in the game. I also found the "treasure in hidden places, like trees" was a good idea, as money/treasure will help you in the game, so it is a good idea to get as much as possible. Meaning you will have to LOOK behind trees and objects to find the hidden gold. There are also weaknesses however...


I thought the graphics here were ripped off many other games, internet sites and people. This is NOT a good sign of a D-MOD author, but signifies a bad way to improve the game. I hated the way that it said he does lots of the graphics, when all he did was simply FIND the graphics from different resources. It does not state ANYWHERE where these graphics were taken from, which is, again a bad sign for D-MOD authors. Although I felt the giant eyeball was good, I thought it was, at the beginning, very hard. This was very annoying and wasted lots of my precious D-MOD time. I felt that the game kind of went downhill after you open the earthgate, the goblin there is too fast, and too strong, this is just a small part of the game remember. I thought that the way that you can ONLY use the save scroll once, before having to buy another one, is a bad idea, and will annoy Dinkers, just like me. I mainly think the way that TheProphet takes all of the credit for himself, is not very good. I hated that.


A very good D-MOD, with very good potential. A nice change to the "average" D-MOD. Has good ways to CHANGE this to make it stands out. Also has good ways of presenting certain things at certain times. The stronger bad guys are perhaps, too strong which I did not like, but apart from that, it is a very well scripted, and put together game. Well done Prophet, you've made a pretty good D-MOD.

Total 7.8
Grade B+

End Comment "Very good D-MOD here, nice way of presenting things"
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