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Kill the Hippies

Apparently these are hippies. From the COTPATD project.
joshriot says, "dink gets teleported to another world where he must fight satanic hippies from hell!"
Released:April 6th, 2002
File Size:2.26 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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September 14th, 2002
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Well, this game had a good idea and one new graphic, but let me review it, ill give you the low down on the ordeal.

New hippie monster and smiley face (is a smiley face new?)and a nifty disco ball for saving, although you have to HIT the ball to save. Also, the music really fit the situation...

Ugh theres so many... The storyline was extremely weak and nothing you could really collect, there were no shops, nothing you would expect in a normal
Adventure/Roleplaying type game, no real new weapons.
There was speech! Only at the beginning and the end though, and you could kill the old guy in mid sentence, which was funny, but odd.
Starting out with a sword and nothing to notify that you had range weapons when you couldn't reach the hippies was a downside, so when you found out you could, it would take some practice to figure out which weapon was good for what situation.
The game was extremly short, and if you didn't know to shoot the smiley in the farm, you would have no life for the room full of the hippies, and die.
The ending was weak! It had no real ending, just a quick death.

Score: A weak 3.5 because, as I listed as above, the cons out go the pro's, and a game with so many cons is bad. On the contrary though, it IS worth downloading (it gave me an adrenaline rush, good music) and the new monsters are good, so if you don't mind short games this is...still boring!