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Explorations: redink1's Basement

April 6th, 2006
Score : 7.0 good
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This is an exhiliratingly exciting D-Mod...well in an interesting and innovative way! What it is is a collage of screenshots taken from the basement of one of the most important and well-known figures here at The Dink Network none other than Redink1 himself! You explore the basement via clicking with the gameplay or puzzles. Mind you this is no game and cant be rated as such, but I'll try and explain some points.

-It is a very amazing use of the Dink Engine both in that it lets you use a mouse and lets you explore a real area.
-It has a "plot" in the sense that you can click on and get descriptions of various things you see each having its own heroic backstory.
-There are some unique things here...Redink1 has a classic old-fashioned Pepsi vending machine!
-Naked Tal chained to a wall!*

If you love The Dink Network (You know you do!) check out Redink1's neat hideaway and send him your regards in a PM! Even if your not a part of TDN you'll marvel at the hidden pleasures of "Explorations: Redink1's Basement!"

The Vault Dweller

*Pictures of such were later removed from the mod after an FCC complaint forced Redink1 to comply with "Entertainment Decency" laws.