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While not technically a file or download, still a good resource for thousands of midis from thousands of games.
Released:June 7th, 2002
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October 5th, 2002
Score : 9.7 exceptional
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Daniel, there are clowns. 
Wow, the Videogame Music Archive. I didn't even know you guys had a link to it in the reviews page. I've been going to this site for over 3 years now. Because of exceptionally crappy connection (even for a 56k), midis were about the type of music I had time to download (mp3s taking around half an hour). This is part commentary and part review.

This is THE site to go to for good music in your d-mod. Music originally written real instruments often sound really bad when converted to a midi. So, when it comes to midi music, nothing sounds better than tracks from videogames because they were originally written for a synthesizer.

When you browse through their vast library of songs, keep in mind that midis sound different depending on your type of soundcard its settings. Generally, the best way to tell if you have midi that has unique instruments or sound effects that you wouldn't normally find in a midi. For example, on my old SB 64 set at 2mb, this one midi had actual midi *thunder* sound effects. On any other setting or card, it gets changed a one short bass drum note.

One more thing, remixes of songs tend to be better than those that copy the original. And they do allow X-box midis, they just only have one at the time of this writing.

Down to business...

TONS of midi files, most of which are really good. Get to hear really cool Gameboy and NES themes with instruments far superior to their 80's era counterparts. Most of your favorite songs from the video games you love. Has a large variety of music appropriate for any situation in Dink you can think of.

The ability to visit the Newly Submitted Files where people post their tunes. You can often find some really awesome tunes posted here, some of which slip through the cracks and don't get the honor of being archived.

There still is a fair amount of bad music in there. Mediocre layout, but not horrible. Some really good songs are too short for most d-mod situations. The Newly Submitted Files page is a good source for great music, but it is also the greatest source for real crap, as anybody can get their music in here. Take my advice, generally avoid songs under 1000 bytes, especially from people who submit a ton of them at a time. These songs often just plain suck.

My score: An absolutely amazing 9.7 (This is the #1 place to get your music).