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Emerald Hunt (The)

The fearsome antagonists. From the COTPATD project.
You are on a hunt for the six stolen emeralds. Go get them!
Released:December 30th, 2000
File Size:823.75 KB
Release Notes:Demo 2
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October 7th, 2002
Demo 2
Score : 7.3 good
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
I wouldn't say this demo is exceptional, but some really nice stuff can be found here.
Overall, I liked this dmod. There were no mayor bugs, and it played just nice. Also the story is very well written. It may a simple plot but I like it this way.
It's about the 6 emeralds being stolen, and the 6 'Hodge Pogers' who actually stole them. You, as Dink the hero (duh) has to seek & destroy (searching... seek & destroy, tununuh, great Metallica song) them. However, since this is a demo, you can only deafeat the Fire Hodge Podger, get some sweet fire magic after beating him, and cross the bridge. Hmmmm, a bit short but that's ok.

Also new graphics, not much, but they do their job. I did hear a new sound, which was ok. Dink somehow won't play midis but I listened to them in the sound directory anyway. They were pretty good too.
I really liked it that the game showed the HP of the boss, the fire wizard. The boss himself was pretty easy, so nothing special.

The game was extremely easy, I didn't like that much, but then again, this is a demo, so that could be why nothing is really groundbreaking here. Oh and I liked the scrolling end credits

GRAPHICS 7.6: Map design was most of the time good, at some places a bit too empty. The emeralds (from Sonic, hehe) look good. I liked the loading and title screen, too. Overall above average.
SOUND 7.3: I liked the midis, sounds were ok. There were some midis that were not so good though.
GAMEPLAY 7.7: Very nice. Nothing was really great, but I liked it anyway, it was just very relaxing, like a game shoud be. Could be a bit harder though, and it was a bit short too. Story was pretty good too, which helped the game roll along (does that sound crappy?).
LASTING APPEAL 6: A bit too short, and no secrets or stuff. Too bad 'cause when the demo was longer, and a bit more 'fun', by having more quests, it might be an 8, but now it's an.....
TOTAL: 7.3
Nice demo, just a bit short and easy.

*Will it ever be finished?*